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atsc_huffman.h File Reference
#include <unistd.h>
#include <QString>
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QString atsc_huffman1_to_string (const unsigned char *compressed, uint size, uint table)
QString atsc_huffman2_to_string (const unsigned char *compressed, uint length, uint table)

Function Documentation

◆ atsc_huffman1_to_string()

QString atsc_huffman1_to_string ( const unsigned char *  compressed,
uint  size,
uint  table 

Definition at line 2192 of file atsc_huffman.cpp.

Referenced by MultipleStringStructure::GetSegment().

◆ atsc_huffman2_to_string()

QString atsc_huffman2_to_string ( const unsigned char *  compressed,
uint  length,
uint  table