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PlaybackBoxListItem Class Reference

#include <playbackboxlistitem.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PlaybackBoxListItem (PlaybackBox *parent, MythUIButtonList *lbtype, ProgramInfo *pi)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUIButtonListItem
 MythUIButtonListItem (MythUIButtonList *lbtype, QString text, QString image="", bool checkable=false, CheckState state=CantCheck, bool showArrow=false, int listPosition=-1)
 MythUIButtonListItem (MythUIButtonList *lbtype, const QString &text, QVariant data, int listPosition=-1)
virtual ~MythUIButtonListItem ()
MythUIButtonListparent () const
void SetText (const QString &text, const QString &name="", const QString &state="")
void SetTextFromMap (const InfoMap &infoMap, const QString &state="")
void SetTextFromMap (const QMap< QString, TextProperties > &stringMap)
QString GetText (const QString &name="") const
bool FindText (const QString &searchStr, const QString &fieldList="**ALL**", bool startsWith=false) const
void SetFontState (const QString &state, const QString &name="")
void SetImage (MythImage *image, const QString &name="")
 Sets an image directly, should only be used in special circumstances since it bypasses the cache. More...
MythImageGetImage (const QString &name="")
 Gets a MythImage which has been assigned to this button item, as with SetImage() it should only be used in special circumstances since it bypasses the cache. More...
bool HasImage (const QString &name="")
 Returns true when the image exists. More...
void SetImage (const QString &filename, const QString &name="", bool force_reload=false)
void SetImageFromMap (const InfoMap &imageMap)
QString GetImageFilename (const QString &name="") const
void DisplayState (const QString &state, const QString &name)
void SetStatesFromMap (const InfoMap &stateMap)
bool isVisible () const
void setVisible (bool flag)
bool checkable () const
void setCheckable (bool flag)
bool isEnabled () const
void setEnabled (bool flag)
CheckState state () const
void setChecked (CheckState state)
void setDrawArrow (bool flag)
void SetData (QVariant data)
QVariant GetData ()
bool MoveUpDown (bool flag)
virtual void SetToRealButton (MythUIStateType *button, bool selected)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from MythUIButtonListItem
enum  CheckState { CantCheck = -1, NotChecked = 0, HalfChecked, FullChecked }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythUIButtonListItem
MythUIButtonListm_parent {nullptr}
QString m_text
QString m_fontState
MythImagem_image {nullptr}
QString m_imageFilename
bool m_checkable
CheckState m_state
QVariant m_data {0}
bool m_showArrow {false}
bool m_isVisible {false}
bool m_enabled {true}
QMap< QString, TextPropertiesm_strings
QMap< QString, MythImage * > m_images
InfoMap m_imageFilenames
InfoMap m_states

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file playbackboxlistitem.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlaybackBoxListItem()

PlaybackBoxListItem::PlaybackBoxListItem ( PlaybackBox parent,
MythUIButtonList lbtype,
ProgramInfo pi 

Definition at line 25 of file playbackboxlistitem.cpp.

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