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UPnpDevice Class Reference

#include <upnpdevice.h>

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Public Member Functions

 UPnpDevice ()
 ~UPnpDevice ()
QString GetUDN (void) const
void toMap (InfoMap &map) const
UPnpService GetService (const QString &urn, bool *found=nullptr) const
QString toString (uint padding=0) const

Public Attributes

QString m_sDeviceType
QString m_sFriendlyName
QString m_sManufacturer
QString m_sManufacturerURL
QString m_sModelDescription
QString m_sModelName
QString m_sModelNumber
QString m_sModelURL
QString m_sSerialNumber
QString m_sUPC
QString m_sPresentationURL
QString m_sUDN
NameValues m_lstExtra
bool m_securityPin { false }
 MythTV specific information. More...
QString m_protocolVersion
UPnpIconList m_listIcons
UPnpServiceList m_listServices
UPnpDeviceList m_listDevices

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file upnpdevice.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UPnpDevice()

UPnpDevice::UPnpDevice ( )

Definition at line 692 of file upnpdevice.cpp.

◆ ~UPnpDevice()

UPnpDevice::~UPnpDevice ( )

Definition at line 746 of file upnpdevice.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetUDN()

QString UPnpDevice::GetUDN ( void  ) const

◆ toMap()

void UPnpDevice::toMap ( InfoMap map) const

Definition at line 773 of file upnpdevice.cpp.

Referenced by UPnpDeviceDesc::toMap().

◆ GetService()

UPnpService UPnpDevice::GetService ( const QString &  urn,
bool found = nullptr 
) const

Definition at line 789 of file upnpdevice.cpp.

◆ toString()

QString UPnpDevice::toString ( uint  padding = 0) const

Definition at line 819 of file upnpdevice.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_sDeviceType

QString UPnpDevice::m_sDeviceType

◆ m_sFriendlyName

QString UPnpDevice::m_sFriendlyName

◆ m_sManufacturer

QString UPnpDevice::m_sManufacturer

◆ m_sManufacturerURL

QString UPnpDevice::m_sManufacturerURL

◆ m_sModelDescription

QString UPnpDevice::m_sModelDescription

◆ m_sModelName

QString UPnpDevice::m_sModelName

◆ m_sModelNumber

QString UPnpDevice::m_sModelNumber

◆ m_sModelURL

QString UPnpDevice::m_sModelURL

◆ m_sSerialNumber

QString UPnpDevice::m_sSerialNumber

◆ m_sUPC

QString UPnpDevice::m_sUPC

◆ m_sPresentationURL

QString UPnpDevice::m_sPresentationURL

◆ m_sUDN

QString UPnpDevice::m_sUDN

◆ m_lstExtra

NameValues UPnpDevice::m_lstExtra

◆ m_securityPin

bool UPnpDevice::m_securityPin { false }

MythTV specific information.

Definition at line 122 of file upnpdevice.h.

Referenced by UPnpDeviceDesc::InternalLoad(), DeviceLocation::NeedSecurityPin(), and UPnpDeviceDesc::OutputDevice().

◆ m_protocolVersion

QString UPnpDevice::m_protocolVersion

Definition at line 123 of file upnpdevice.h.

Referenced by UPnpDeviceDesc::InternalLoad(), UPnpDeviceDesc::OutputDevice(), and toMap().

◆ m_listIcons

UPnpIconList UPnpDevice::m_listIcons

◆ m_listServices

UPnpServiceList UPnpDevice::m_listServices

◆ m_listDevices

UPnpDeviceList UPnpDevice::m_listDevices

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