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1 // -*- Mode: c++ -*-
2 #ifndef _DVB_RECORDER_H_
3 #define _DVB_RECORDER_H_
5 // Qt includes
6 #include <QString>
8 // MythTV includes
9 #include "dtvrecorder.h"
11 class DVBStreamHandler;
12 class ProgramMapTable;
13 class DVBChannel;
21 class DVBRecorder : public DTVRecorder
22 {
23  public:
24  DVBRecorder(TVRec *rec, DVBChannel *channel);
26  void run(void) override; // RecorderBase
28  bool Open(void);
29  bool IsOpen(void) const;
30  void Close(void);
31  void StartNewFile(void) override; // RecorderBase
33  private:
34  bool PauseAndWait(int timeout = 100) override; // RecorderBase
36  QString GetSIStandard(void) const override; // DTVRecorder
37  void SetCAMPMT(const ProgramMapTable *pmt) override; // DTVRecorder
38  void UpdateCAMTimeOffset(void) override; // DTVRecorder
40  private:
41  DVBChannel *m_channel {nullptr};
43 };
45 #endif // _DVB_RECORDER_H_
bool PauseAndWait(int timeout=100) override
If m_requestPause is true, sets pause and blocks up to timeout milliseconds or until unpaused,...
This is a specialization of RecorderBase used to handle MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC,...
Definition: dtvrecorder.h:27
This is a specialization of DTVRecorder used to handle streams from DVB drivers.
Definition: dvbrecorder.h:21
DVBRecorder(TVRec *rec, DVBChannel *channel)
Definition: dvbrecorder.cpp:37
void run(void) override
run() starts the recording process, and does not exit until the recording is complete.
Provides interface to the tuning hardware when using DVB drivers.
Definition: dvbchannel.h:29
This is the coordinating class of the Recorder Subsystem.
Definition: tv_rec.h:142
void SetCAMPMT(const ProgramMapTable *pmt) override
bool Open(void)
Definition: dvbrecorder.cpp:43
DVBStreamHandler * m_streamHandler
Definition: dvbrecorder.h:42
QString GetSIStandard(void) const override
DVBChannel * m_channel
Definition: dvbrecorder.h:41
void StartNewFile(void) override
Definition: dvbrecorder.cpp:87
A PMT table maps a program described in the ProgramAssociationTable to various PID's which describe t...
Definition: mpegtables.h:666
void Close(void)
Definition: dvbrecorder.cpp:78
void UpdateCAMTimeOffset(void) override
bool IsOpen(void) const
Definition: dvbrecorder.cpp:73