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1 /*
2  * Copyright 2004 - Taylor Jacob (rtjacob at
3  */
5 #ifndef EITFIXUP_H
6 #define EITFIXUP_H
8 #include <QRegExp>
10 #include "programdata.h"
13 class EITFixUp
14 {
15  protected:
16  // max length of subtitle field in db.
17  static const uint kSubtitleMaxLen = 128;
18  // max number of words included in a subtitle
19  static const uint kMaxToTitle = 14;
20  // max number of words up to a period, question mark
21  static const uint kDotToTitle = 9;
22  // max number of question/exclamation marks
23  static const uint kMaxQuestionExclamation = 2;
24  // max number of difference in words between a period and a colon
25  static const uint kMaxDotToColon = 5;
26  // minimum duration of an event to consider it as movie
27  static const int kMinMovieDuration = 75*60;
29  public:
31  {
32  kFixNone = 0, // no bits set
34  // Regular fixups
35  kFixGenericDVB = 1 << 0, // LSB set
36  kFixBell = 1 << 1,
37  kFixUK = 1 << 2,
38  kFixPBS = 1 << 3,
39  kFixComHem = 1 << 4,
40  kFixSubtitle = 1 << 5,
41  kFixAUStar = 1 << 6,
42  kFixMCA = 1 << 7,
43  kFixRTL = 1 << 8,
44  kFixFI = 1 << 9,
45  kFixPremiere = 1 << 10,
46  kFixHDTV = 1 << 11,
47  kFixNL = 1 << 12,
48  kFixCategory = 1 << 13,
49  kFixNO = 1 << 14,
50  kFixNRK_DVBT = 1 << 15,
51  kFixDish = 1 << 16,
52  kFixDK = 1 << 17,
53  kFixAUFreeview = 1 << 18,
54  kFixAUDescription = 1 << 19,
55  kFixAUNine = 1 << 20,
56  kFixAUSeven = 1 << 21,
57  kFixP7S1 = 1 << 26,
58  kFixHTML = 1 << 27,
59  kFixUnitymedia = 1ULL << 32,
60  kFixATV = 1ULL << 33,
61  kFixDisneyChannel = 1ULL << 34,
63  // Early fixups
70  kFixGreekSubtitle = 1 << 29,
71  kFixGreekEIT = 1 << 30,
72  kFixGreekCategories = 1U << 31,
73  };
75  EITFixUp();
77  void Fix(DBEventEIT &event) const;
83  static void TimeFix(QDateTime &dt)
84  {
85  int secs = dt.time().second();
86  if (secs < 4)
87  dt = dt.addSecs(-secs);
88  if (secs > 56)
89  dt = dt.addSecs(60 - secs);
90  }
92  private:
93  void FixBellExpressVu(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Canada DVB-S
94  void SetUKSubtitle(DBEventEIT &event) const;
95  void FixUK(DBEventEIT &event) const; // UK DVB-T
96  static void FixPBS(DBEventEIT &event); // USA ATSC
97  void FixComHem(DBEventEIT &event,
98  bool process_subtitle) const; // Sweden DVB-C
99  static void FixAUStar(DBEventEIT &event); // Australia DVB-S
100  void FixAUFreeview(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Australia DVB-T
101  static void FixAUNine(DBEventEIT &event);
102  static void FixAUSeven(DBEventEIT &event);
103  static void FixAUDescription(DBEventEIT &event);
104  void FixMCA(DBEventEIT &event) const; // MultiChoice Africa DVB-S
105  void FixRTL(DBEventEIT &event) const; // RTL group DVB
106  void FixPRO7(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Pro7/Sat1 Group
107  void FixDisneyChannel(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Disney Channel
108  void FixATV(DBEventEIT &event) const; // ATV/ATV2
109  void FixFI(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Finland DVB-T
110  void FixPremiere(DBEventEIT &event) const; // german pay-tv Premiere
111  void FixNL(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Netherlands DVB-C
112  static void FixCategory(DBEventEIT &event); // Generic Category fixes
113  void FixNO(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Norwegian DVB-S
114  void FixNRK_DVBT(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Norwegian NRK DVB-T
115  void FixDK(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Danish YouSee DVB-C
116  void FixStripHTML(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Strip HTML tags
117  static void FixGreekSubtitle(DBEventEIT &event);// Greek Nat TV fix
118  void FixGreekEIT(DBEventEIT &event) const;
119  void FixGreekCategories(DBEventEIT &event) const; // Greek categories from descr.
120  void FixUnitymedia(DBEventEIT &event) const; // handle cast/crew from Unitymedia
122  static QString AddDVBEITAuthority(uint chanid, const QString &id);
124  const QRegExp m_bellYear;
125  const QRegExp m_bellActors;
126  const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleAllDayHD;
127  const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleAllDay;
128  const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleHD;
129  const QRegExp m_bellPPVSubtitleAllDay;
133  const QRegExp m_dishPPVTitleHD;
134  const QRegExp m_dishPPVTitleColon;
135  const QRegExp m_dishPPVSpacePerenEnd;
136  const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionNew;
137  const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionFinale;
141  const QRegExp m_dishPPVCode;
142  const QRegExp m_ukThen;
143  const QRegExp m_ukNew;
144  const QRegExp m_ukNewTitle;
145  const QRegExp m_ukAlsoInHD;
146  const QRegExp m_ukCEPQ;
147  const QRegExp m_ukColonPeriod;
148  const QRegExp m_ukDotSpaceStart;
149  const QRegExp m_ukDotEnd;
150  const QRegExp m_ukSpaceColonStart;
151  const QRegExp m_ukSpaceStart;
152  const QRegExp m_ukPart;
153  const QRegExp m_ukSeries;
154  const QRegExp m_ukCC;
155  const QRegExp m_ukYear;
156  const QRegExp m_uk24ep;
157  const QRegExp m_ukStarring;
158  const QRegExp m_ukBBC7rpt;
159  const QRegExp m_ukDescriptionRemove;
160  const QRegExp m_ukTitleRemove;
161  const QRegExp m_ukDoubleDotEnd;
162  const QRegExp m_ukDoubleDotStart;
163  const QRegExp m_ukTime;
164  const QRegExp m_ukBBC34;
165  const QRegExp m_ukYearColon;
167  const QRegExp m_ukCompleteDots;
168  const QRegExp m_ukQuotedSubtitle;
169  const QRegExp m_ukAllNew;
170  const QRegExp m_ukLaONoSplit;
171  const QRegExp m_comHemCountry;
172  const QRegExp m_comHemDirector;
173  const QRegExp m_comHemActor;
174  const QRegExp m_comHemHost;
175  const QRegExp m_comHemSub;
176  const QRegExp m_comHemRerun1;
177  const QRegExp m_comHemRerun2;
178  const QRegExp m_comHemTT;
179  const QRegExp m_comHemPersSeparator;
180  const QRegExp m_comHemPersons;
181  const QRegExp m_comHemSubEnd;
182  const QRegExp m_comHemSeries1;
183  const QRegExp m_comHemSeries2;
184  const QRegExp m_comHemTSub;
185  const QRegExp m_mcaIncompleteTitle;
186  const QRegExp m_mcaCompleteTitlea;
187  const QRegExp m_mcaCompleteTitleb;
188  const QRegExp m_mcaSubtitle;
189  const QRegExp m_mcaSeries;
190  const QRegExp m_mcaCredits;
191  const QRegExp m_mcaAvail;
192  const QRegExp m_mcaActors;
193  const QRegExp m_mcaActorsSeparator;
194  const QRegExp m_mcaYear;
195  const QRegExp m_mcaCC;
196  const QRegExp m_mcaDD;
197  const QRegExp m_rtlRepeat;
198  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle;
199  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle1;
200  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle2;
201  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle3;
202  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle4;
203  const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle5;
204  const QRegExp m_pro7Subtitle;
205  const QRegExp m_pro7Crew;
206  const QRegExp m_pro7CrewOne;
207  const QRegExp m_pro7Cast;
208  const QRegExp m_pro7CastOne;
209  const QRegExp m_atvSubtitle;
210  const QRegExp m_disneyChannelSubtitle;
211  const QRegExp m_rtlEpisodeNo1;
212  const QRegExp m_rtlEpisodeNo2;
213  const QRegExp m_fiRerun;
214  const QRegExp m_fiRerun2;
215  const QRegExp m_fiAgeLimit;
216  const QRegExp m_fiFilm;
217  const QRegExp m_dePremiereLength;
218  const QRegExp m_dePremiereAirdate;
219  const QRegExp m_dePremiereCredits;
220  const QRegExp m_dePremiereOTitle;
222  const QRegExp m_nlTxt;
223  const QRegExp m_nlWide;
224  const QRegExp m_nlRepeat;
225  const QRegExp m_nlHD;
226  const QRegExp m_nlSub;
227  const QRegExp m_nlSub2;
228  const QRegExp m_nlActors;
229  const QRegExp m_nlPres;
230  const QRegExp m_nlPersSeparator;
231  const QRegExp m_nlRub;
232  const QRegExp m_nlYear1;
233  const QRegExp m_nlYear2;
234  const QRegExp m_nlDirector;
235  const QRegExp m_nlCat;
236  const QRegExp m_nlOmroep;
237  const QRegExp m_noRerun;
238  const QRegExp m_noHD;
239  const QRegExp m_noColonSubtitle;
240  const QRegExp m_noNRKCategories;
241  const QRegExp m_noPremiere;
242  const QRegExp m_stereo;
243  const QRegExp m_dkEpisode;
244  const QRegExp m_dkPart;
245  const QRegExp m_dkSubtitle1;
246  const QRegExp m_dkSubtitle2;
247  const QRegExp m_dkSeason1;
248  const QRegExp m_dkSeason2;
249  const QRegExp m_dkFeatures;
250  const QRegExp m_dkWidescreen;
251  const QRegExp m_dkDolby;
252  const QRegExp m_dkSurround;
253  const QRegExp m_dkStereo;
254  const QRegExp m_dkReplay;
255  const QRegExp m_dkTxt;
256  const QRegExp m_dkHD;
257  const QRegExp m_dkActors;
258  const QRegExp m_dkPersonsSeparator;
259  const QRegExp m_dkDirector;
260  const QRegExp m_dkYear;
261  const QRegExp m_auFreeviewSY;//subtitle, year
262  const QRegExp m_auFreeviewY;//year
263  const QRegExp m_auFreeviewYC;//year, cast
264  const QRegExp m_auFreeviewSYC;//subtitle, year, cast
265  const QRegExp m_html;
266  const QRegExp m_grReplay; //Greek rerun
267  const QRegExp m_grDescriptionFinale; //Greek last m_grEpisode
268  const QRegExp m_grActors; //Greek actors
269  const QRegExp m_grFixnofullstopActors; //bad punctuation makes the "Παίζουν:" and the actors' names part of the directors...
270  const QRegExp m_grFixnofullstopDirectors; //bad punctuation makes the "Σκηνοθ...:" and the previous sentence.
271  const QRegExp m_grPeopleSeparator; // The comma that separates the actors.
272  const QRegExp m_grDirector;
273  const QRegExp m_grPres; // Greek Presenters for shows
274  const QRegExp m_grYear; // Greek release year.
275  const QRegExp m_grCountry; // Greek event country of origin.
276  const QRegExp m_grlongEp; // Greek Episode
277  const QRegExp m_grSeasonAsRomanNumerals; // Greek Episode in Roman numerals
278  const QRegExp m_grSeason; // Greek Season
279  const QRegExp m_grSeries;
280  const QRegExp m_grRealTitleinDescription; // The original title is often in the descr in parenthesis.
281  const QRegExp m_grRealTitleinTitle; // The original title is often in the title in parenthesis.
282  const QRegExp m_grCommentsinTitle; // Sometimes esp. national stations include comments in the title eg "(ert arxeio)"
283  const QRegExp m_grNotPreviouslyShown; // Not previously shown on TV
284  const QRegExp m_grEpisodeAsSubtitle; // Description field: "^Episode: Lion in the cage. (Description follows)"
285  const QRegExp m_grCategFood; // Greek category food
286  const QRegExp m_grCategDrama; // Greek category social/drama
287  const QRegExp m_grCategComedy; // Greek category comedy
288  const QRegExp m_grCategChildren; // Greek category for children / cartoons
289  const QRegExp m_grCategMystery; // Greek category for mystery
290  const QRegExp m_grCategFantasy; // Greek category for fantasy
291  const QRegExp m_grCategHistory; //Greek category for historical movie/series
292  const QRegExp m_grCategTeleMag; //Greek category for Telemagazine show
293  const QRegExp m_grCategTeleShop; //Greek category for teleshopping
294  const QRegExp m_grCategGameShow; //Greek category for game show
295  const QRegExp m_grCategDocumentary; // Greek category for Documentaries
296  const QRegExp m_grCategBiography; // Greek category for biography
297  const QRegExp m_grCategNews; // Greek category for News
298  const QRegExp m_grCategSports; // Greek category for Sports
299  const QRegExp m_grCategMusic; // Greek category for Music
300  const QRegExp m_grCategReality; // Greek category for reality shows
301  const QRegExp m_grCategReligion; //Greek category for religion
302  const QRegExp m_grCategCulture; //Greek category for Arts/Culture
303  const QRegExp m_grCategNature; //Greek category for Nature/Science
304  const QRegExp m_grCategSciFi; // Greek category for Science Fiction
305  const QRegExp m_grCategHealth; //Greek category for Health
306  const QRegExp m_grCategSpecial; //Greek category for specials.
307  const QRegExp m_unitymediaImdbrating;
308 };
310 #endif // EITFIXUP_H
const QRegExp m_mcaDD
Definition: eitfixup.h:196
const QRegExp m_grCountry
Definition: eitfixup.h:275
const QRegExp m_auFreeviewYC
Definition: eitfixup.h:263
void FixComHem(DBEventEIT &event, bool process_subtitle) const
Use this to standardize ComHem DVB-C service in Sweden.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1146
const QRegExp m_grSeason
Definition: eitfixup.h:278
const QRegExp m_noHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:238
const QRegExp m_comHemRerun2
Definition: eitfixup.h:177
const QRegExp m_bellPPVDescriptionEventId
Definition: eitfixup.h:132
const QRegExp m_dkWidescreen
Definition: eitfixup.h:250
const QRegExp m_dishPPVTitleColon
Definition: eitfixup.h:134
const QRegExp m_dePremiereCredits
Definition: eitfixup.h:219
const QRegExp m_dishPPVSpacePerenEnd
Definition: eitfixup.h:135
const QRegExp m_dishPPVCode
Definition: eitfixup.h:141
const QRegExp m_pro7CastOne
Definition: eitfixup.h:208
const QRegExp m_ukYearColon
Definition: eitfixup.h:165
const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionPremiere2
Definition: eitfixup.h:140
const QRegExp m_comHemSeries1
Definition: eitfixup.h:182
const QRegExp m_dkDirector
Definition: eitfixup.h:259
static const uint kMaxQuestionExclamation
Definition: eitfixup.h:23
void FixGreekEIT(DBEventEIT &event) const
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2552
const QRegExp m_grRealTitleinTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:281
void FixNRK_DVBT(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to clean DVB-T guide in Norway (NRK)
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2277
const QRegExp m_mcaSeries
Definition: eitfixup.h:189
const QRegExp m_noNRKCategories
Definition: eitfixup.h:240
const QRegExp m_grCategDrama
Definition: eitfixup.h:286
void FixGreekCategories(DBEventEIT &event) const
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2900
const QRegExp m_dkPersonsSeparator
Definition: eitfixup.h:258
const QRegExp m_ukDotEnd
Definition: eitfixup.h:149
const QRegExp m_dkSurround
Definition: eitfixup.h:252
const QRegExp m_mcaIncompleteTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:185
void FixPremiere(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardize DVB-C guide in Germany for the providers Kabel Deutschland and Premiere.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1933
const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleAllDay
Definition: eitfixup.h:127
void FixAUFreeview(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardize DVB-T guide in Australia.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1497
const QRegExp m_dkSeason1
Definition: eitfixup.h:247
const QRegExp m_grCategHealth
Definition: eitfixup.h:305
const QRegExp m_dkSubtitle1
Definition: eitfixup.h:245
const QRegExp m_dkSeason2
Definition: eitfixup.h:248
const QRegExp m_dkDolby
Definition: eitfixup.h:251
void FixUK(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this in the United Kingdom to standardize DVB-T guide.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:839
const QRegExp m_noPremiere
Definition: eitfixup.h:241
static const int kMinMovieDuration
Definition: eitfixup.h:27
const QRegExp m_ukSeries
Definition: eitfixup.h:153
const QRegExp m_ukSpaceStart
Definition: eitfixup.h:151
const QRegExp m_ukYear
Definition: eitfixup.h:155
const QRegExp m_grPeopleSeparator
Definition: eitfixup.h:271
const QRegExp m_grCategSpecial
Definition: eitfixup.h:306
const QRegExp m_mcaCredits
Definition: eitfixup.h:190
const QRegExp m_comHemSeries2
Definition: eitfixup.h:183
const QRegExp m_ukAlsoInHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:145
const QRegExp m_html
Definition: eitfixup.h:265
const QRegExp m_mcaCC
Definition: eitfixup.h:195
static const uint kDotToTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:21
const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionFinale2
Definition: eitfixup.h:138
void FixUnitymedia(DBEventEIT &event) const
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:3001
const QRegExp m_pro7CrewOne
Definition: eitfixup.h:206
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle2
Definition: eitfixup.h:200
void FixBellExpressVu(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this for the Canadian BellExpressVu to standardize DVB-S guide.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:432
static const uint kMaxToTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:19
const QRegExp m_fiRerun2
Definition: eitfixup.h:214
static void TimeFix(QDateTime &dt)
Corrects starttime to the multiple of a minute.
Definition: eitfixup.h:83
const QRegExp m_ukDoubleDotEnd
Definition: eitfixup.h:161
const QRegExp m_grSeries
Definition: eitfixup.h:279
const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:128
const QRegExp m_pro7Subtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:204
const QRegExp m_ukCC
Definition: eitfixup.h:154
const QRegExp m_dkSubtitle2
Definition: eitfixup.h:246
const QRegExp m_ukSpaceColonStart
Definition: eitfixup.h:150
const QRegExp m_grCommentsinTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:282
const QRegExp m_grYear
Definition: eitfixup.h:274
const QRegExp m_unitymediaImdbrating
IMDb Rating.
Definition: eitfixup.h:307
const QRegExp m_grCategSports
Definition: eitfixup.h:298
const QRegExp m_mcaCompleteTitleb
Definition: eitfixup.h:187
const QRegExp m_grNotPreviouslyShown
Definition: eitfixup.h:283
const QRegExp m_pro7Crew
Definition: eitfixup.h:205
const QRegExp m_ukQuotedSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:168
const QRegExp m_ukPart
Definition: eitfixup.h:152
const QRegExp m_mcaYear
Definition: eitfixup.h:194
static const uint kSubtitleMaxLen
Definition: eitfixup.h:17
const QRegExp m_nlOmroep
Definition: eitfixup.h:236
const QRegExp m_grCategSciFi
Definition: eitfixup.h:304
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle1
Definition: eitfixup.h:199
const QRegExp m_rtlRepeat
Definition: eitfixup.h:197
const QRegExp m_nlActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:228
const QRegExp m_dkHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:256
const QRegExp m_mcaCompleteTitlea
Definition: eitfixup.h:186
const QRegExp m_comHemDirector
Definition: eitfixup.h:172
const QRegExp m_dkFeatures
Definition: eitfixup.h:249
const QRegExp m_disneyChannelSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:210
const QRegExp m_grSeasonAsRomanNumerals
Definition: eitfixup.h:277
const QRegExp m_dkPart
Definition: eitfixup.h:244
const QRegExp m_grCategTeleMag
Definition: eitfixup.h:292
const QRegExp m_grEpisodeAsSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:284
const QRegExp m_ukCompleteDots
Definition: eitfixup.h:167
const QRegExp m_grActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:268
const QRegExp m_auFreeviewSY
Definition: eitfixup.h:261
const QRegExp m_grFixnofullstopActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:269
const QRegExp m_ukExclusionFromSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:166
const QRegExp m_dePremiereAirdate
Definition: eitfixup.h:218
const QRegExp m_bellPPVDescriptionAllDay2
Definition: eitfixup.h:131
static void FixGreekSubtitle(DBEventEIT &event)
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2537
const QRegExp m_nlHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:225
void FixNL(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardize @Home DVB-C guide in the Netherlands.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1987
const QRegExp m_dePremiereOTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:220
const QRegExp m_dkEpisode
Definition: eitfixup.h:243
const QRegExp m_grDirector
Definition: eitfixup.h:272
static const uint kMaxDotToColon
Definition: eitfixup.h:25
const QRegExp m_nlWide
Definition: eitfixup.h:223
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:48
const QRegExp m_comHemSub
Definition: eitfixup.h:175
uint64_t FixupValue
Definition: eithelper.h:80
const QRegExp m_bellYear
Definition: eitfixup.h:124
const QRegExp m_ukNew
Definition: eitfixup.h:143
const QRegExp m_mcaSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:188
const QRegExp m_pro7Cast
Definition: eitfixup.h:207
void FixNO(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to clean DVB-S guide in Norway.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2249
const QRegExp m_mcaAvail
Definition: eitfixup.h:191
const QRegExp m_ukColonPeriod
Definition: eitfixup.h:147
const QRegExp m_rtlEpisodeNo1
Definition: eitfixup.h:211
static void FixAUDescription(DBEventEIT &event)
Use this to standardize DVB-T guide in Australia.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1402
void FixDisneyChannel(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardise the Disney Channel guide in Germany.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1855
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
const QRegExp m_ukNewTitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:144
const QRegExp m_grCategComedy
Definition: eitfixup.h:287
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle5
Definition: eitfixup.h:203
static void FixCategory(DBEventEIT &event)
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2235
const QRegExp m_comHemTSub
Definition: eitfixup.h:184
const QRegExp m_dkActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:257
const QRegExp m_comHemCountry
Definition: eitfixup.h:171
EIT Fix Up Functions.
Definition: eitfixup.h:13
const QRegExp m_ukDescriptionRemove
Definition: eitfixup.h:159
const QRegExp m_ukStarring
Definition: eitfixup.h:157
static QString AddDVBEITAuthority(uint chanid, const QString &id)
This adds a DVB EIT default authority to series id or program id if one exists in the DB for that cha...
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:405
const QRegExp m_ukBBC7rpt
Definition: eitfixup.h:158
void FixRTL(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardise the RTL group guide in Germany.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1663
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle4
Definition: eitfixup.h:202
const QRegExp m_mcaActorsSeparator
Definition: eitfixup.h:193
const QRegExp m_mcaActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:192
const QRegExp m_comHemSubEnd
Definition: eitfixup.h:181
const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionPremiere
Definition: eitfixup.h:139
const QRegExp m_auFreeviewSYC
Definition: eitfixup.h:264
void FixMCA(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardise the MultiChoice Africa DVB-S guide.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1537
const QRegExp m_dkTxt
Definition: eitfixup.h:255
const QRegExp m_grCategNature
Definition: eitfixup.h:303
const QRegExp m_grCategFood
Definition: eitfixup.h:285
const QRegExp m_grCategGameShow
Definition: eitfixup.h:294
const QRegExp m_nlCat
Definition: eitfixup.h:235
const QRegExp m_grCategReality
Definition: eitfixup.h:300
const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionNew
Definition: eitfixup.h:136
const QRegExp m_nlSub
Definition: eitfixup.h:226
static void FixPBS(DBEventEIT &event)
Use this to standardize PBS ATSC guide in the USA.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1131
const QRegExp m_dePremiereLength
Definition: eitfixup.h:217
const QRegExp m_bellActors
Definition: eitfixup.h:125
const QRegExp m_deSkyDescriptionSeasonEpisode
Definition: eitfixup.h:221
const QRegExp m_dkReplay
Definition: eitfixup.h:254
const QRegExp m_ukLaONoSplit
Definition: eitfixup.h:170
const QRegExp m_grCategMystery
Definition: eitfixup.h:289
const QRegExp m_nlRepeat
Definition: eitfixup.h:224
const QRegExp m_noColonSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:239
const QRegExp m_nlYear2
Definition: eitfixup.h:233
const QRegExp m_ukCEPQ
Definition: eitfixup.h:146
const QRegExp m_comHemRerun1
Definition: eitfixup.h:176
const QRegExp m_ukBBC34
Definition: eitfixup.h:164
const QRegExp m_nlDirector
Definition: eitfixup.h:234
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle3
Definition: eitfixup.h:201
const QRegExp m_grCategReligion
Definition: eitfixup.h:301
const QRegExp m_fiRerun
Definition: eitfixup.h:213
const QRegExp m_dishDescriptionFinale
Definition: eitfixup.h:137
const QRegExp m_nlYear1
Definition: eitfixup.h:232
void FixDK(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to clean YouSee's DVB-C guide in Denmark.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2331
void FixStripHTML(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to clean HTML Tags from EIT Data.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:2527
const QRegExp m_grCategHistory
Definition: eitfixup.h:291
void SetUKSubtitle(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this in the United Kingdom to standardize DVB-T guide.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:711
const QRegExp m_bellPPVSubtitleAllDay
Definition: eitfixup.h:129
const QRegExp m_uk24ep
Definition: eitfixup.h:156
void FixATV(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardise the ATV/ATV2 guide in Germany.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1880
const QRegExp m_grReplay
Definition: eitfixup.h:266
const QRegExp m_comHemHost
Definition: eitfixup.h:174
const QRegExp m_dkYear
Definition: eitfixup.h:260
static void FixAUStar(DBEventEIT &event)
Use this to standardize DVB-S guide in Australia.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1386
const QRegExp m_dkStereo
Definition: eitfixup.h:253
const QRegExp m_grDescriptionFinale
Definition: eitfixup.h:267
const QRegExp m_ukTitleRemove
Definition: eitfixup.h:160
static void FixAUNine(DBEventEIT &event)
Use this to standardize DVB-T guide in Australia.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1427
const QRegExp m_grCategFantasy
Definition: eitfixup.h:290
const QRegExp m_noRerun
Definition: eitfixup.h:237
const QRegExp m_comHemPersSeparator
Definition: eitfixup.h:179
const QRegExp m_bellPPVTitleAllDayHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:126
const QRegExp m_grlongEp
Definition: eitfixup.h:276
static void FixAUSeven(DBEventEIT &event)
Use this to standardize DVB-T guide in Australia.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1458
const QRegExp m_grFixnofullstopDirectors
Definition: eitfixup.h:270
const QRegExp m_rtlSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:198
const QRegExp m_grCategChildren
Definition: eitfixup.h:288
const QRegExp m_nlTxt
Definition: eitfixup.h:222
const QRegExp m_comHemTT
Definition: eitfixup.h:178
const QRegExp m_ukDotSpaceStart
Definition: eitfixup.h:148
const QRegExp m_fiFilm
Definition: eitfixup.h:216
void FixPRO7(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to standardise the PRO7/Sat1 group guide in Germany.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1776
const QRegExp m_grCategTeleShop
Definition: eitfixup.h:293
const QRegExp m_nlSub2
Definition: eitfixup.h:227
const QRegExp m_grCategCulture
Definition: eitfixup.h:302
const QRegExp m_fiAgeLimit
Definition: eitfixup.h:215
const QRegExp m_nlRub
Definition: eitfixup.h:231
const QRegExp m_comHemActor
Definition: eitfixup.h:173
const QRegExp m_ukDoubleDotStart
Definition: eitfixup.h:162
const QRegExp m_ukThen
Definition: eitfixup.h:142
const QRegExp m_bellPPVDescriptionAllDay
Definition: eitfixup.h:130
const QRegExp m_dishPPVTitleHD
Definition: eitfixup.h:133
const QRegExp m_grPres
Definition: eitfixup.h:273
const QRegExp m_ukTime
Definition: eitfixup.h:163
void FixFI(DBEventEIT &event) const
Use this to clean DVB-T guide in Finland.
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:1889
const QRegExp m_nlPres
Definition: eitfixup.h:229
const QRegExp m_auFreeviewY
Definition: eitfixup.h:262
const QRegExp m_grCategNews
Definition: eitfixup.h:297
const QRegExp m_grCategBiography
Definition: eitfixup.h:296
const QRegExp m_ukAllNew
Definition: eitfixup.h:169
const QRegExp m_grCategDocumentary
Definition: eitfixup.h:295
void Fix(DBEventEIT &event) const
Definition: eitfixup.cpp:253
const QRegExp m_nlPersSeparator
Definition: eitfixup.h:230
const QRegExp m_grRealTitleinDescription
Definition: eitfixup.h:280
const QRegExp m_stereo
Definition: eitfixup.h:242
const QRegExp m_rtlEpisodeNo2
Definition: eitfixup.h:212
const QRegExp m_grCategMusic
Definition: eitfixup.h:299
const QRegExp m_atvSubtitle
Definition: eitfixup.h:209
const QRegExp m_comHemPersons
Definition: eitfixup.h:180