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lines.h File Reference
#include "graphic.h"
#include "goomconfig.h"
#include "goom_core.h"
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struct  GMUnitPointer
struct  GMLine


#define GML_CIRCLE   0
#define GML_HLINE   1
#define GML_VLINE   2
#define GML_BLEUBLANC   0
#define GML_RED   1
#define GML_ORANGE_V   2
#define GML_ORANGE_J   3
#define GML_VERT   4
#define GML_BLEU   5
#define GML_BLACK   6


GMLinegoom_lines_init (int rx, int ry, int IDsrc, float paramS, int coulS, int IDdest, float paramD, int coulD)
void goom_lines_switch_to (GMLine *gml, int IDdest, float param, float amplitude, int col)
void goom_lines_set_res (GMLine *gml, int rx, int ry)
void goom_lines_free (GMLine **gml)
void goom_lines_draw (GMLine *line, const GoomSingleData &data, unsigned int *p)

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#define GML_CIRCLE   0

Definition at line 42 of file lines.h.


#define GML_HLINE   1

Definition at line 45 of file lines.h.


#define GML_VLINE   2

Definition at line 48 of file lines.h.


#define GML_BLEUBLANC   0

Definition at line 53 of file lines.h.


#define GML_RED   1

Definition at line 54 of file lines.h.


#define GML_ORANGE_V   2

Definition at line 55 of file lines.h.


#define GML_ORANGE_J   3

Definition at line 56 of file lines.h.


#define GML_VERT   4

Definition at line 57 of file lines.h.


#define GML_BLEU   5

Definition at line 58 of file lines.h.


#define GML_BLACK   6

Definition at line 59 of file lines.h.

Function Documentation

◆ goom_lines_init()

GMLine* goom_lines_init ( int  rx,
int  ry,
int  IDsrc,
float  paramS,
int  coulS,
int  IDdest,
float  paramD,
int  coulD 

Definition at line 155 of file lines.cpp.

Referenced by goom_init().

◆ goom_lines_switch_to()

void goom_lines_switch_to ( GMLine gml,
int  IDdest,
float  param,
float  amplitude,
int  col 

Definition at line 143 of file lines.cpp.

Referenced by goom_lines_init(), and goom_update().

◆ goom_lines_set_res()

void goom_lines_set_res ( GMLine gml,
int  rx,
int  ry 

Definition at line 96 of file lines.cpp.

Referenced by goom_set_resolution().

◆ goom_lines_free()

void goom_lines_free ( GMLine **  gml)

Definition at line 192 of file lines.cpp.

Referenced by goom_close().

◆ goom_lines_draw()

void goom_lines_draw ( GMLine line,
const GoomSingleData data,
unsigned int *  p 

Definition at line 201 of file lines.cpp.

Referenced by goom_update().