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mythdisplay.cpp File Reference
#include "compat.h"
#include "mythcorecontext.h"
#include "mythdisplay.h"
#include "mythmainwindow.h"
#include <QApplication>
#import "util-osx.h"
#include <mythlogging.h>
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#define LOC   QString("DispInfo: ")
#define VALID_RATE(rate)   ((rate) > 20.0F && (rate) < 200.0F)


static float fix_rate (int video_rate)

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#define LOC   QString("DispInfo: ")

Definition at line 19 of file mythdisplay.cpp.


#define VALID_RATE (   rate)    ((rate) > 20.0F && (rate) < 200.0F)

Definition at line 21 of file mythdisplay.cpp.

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◆ fix_rate()

static float fix_rate ( int  video_rate)

Definition at line 23 of file mythdisplay.cpp.

Referenced by MythDisplay::GetDisplayInfo().