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upnpcdsobjects.h File Reference
#include <QDateTime>
#include <QString>
#include <QList>
#include <QMap>
#include "libmythbase/referencecounter.h"
#include "upnpexp.h"
#include "httprequest.h"
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class  Property
class  Resource
class  ContainerClass
class  CDSObject


using Properties = QMultiMap< QString, Property * >
using CDSObjects = QList< CDSObject * >
using Resources = QList< Resource * >
using Classes = QList< ContainerClass * >
using FilterMap = QStringList
 NOTE FilterMap contains a list of what should be included, not what should be excluded. More...


enum  ObjectTypes { OT_Undefined = 0, OT_Container = 1, OT_Item = 2, OT_Res = 3 }

Typedef Documentation

◆ Properties

using Properties = QMultiMap<QString,Property*>

Definition at line 96 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.

◆ CDSObjects

using CDSObjects = QList<CDSObject*>

Definition at line 97 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.

◆ Resources

using Resources = QList<Resource*>

Definition at line 128 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.

◆ Classes

using Classes = QList<ContainerClass*>

Definition at line 154 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.

◆ FilterMap

using FilterMap = QStringList

NOTE FilterMap contains a list of what should be included, not what should be excluded.

The client is expected either to indicate that everything should be returned with an asterix, or to supply a comma seperated list of the only the named properties and attributes.

@ - Attributes are denoted by format <element>\<attribute>

- The use of a hash at the end of a name indicates that this

property and all it's children and attributes should be returned.

Inclusion of an attribute in the filter list implies the inclusion of it's parent element and value. e.g. filter="res\@size" implies <res size="{size}">{url}</res> However optional tags such as res@duration which are not named will be omitted.

'Required' properties must always be included irrespective of any filter!

See UPnP MediaServer, ContentDirectory Service Section 2.3.18, 2013

Definition at line 180 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ ObjectTypes


Definition at line 33 of file upnpcdsobjects.h.