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Mythfilldatabase 0.25/fixes and special characters (ä ö ü à é è etc.) not inserted correctly in mythconverg

Reported by: marcel.meier@… Owned by: stuartm
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Component: MythTV - Mythfilldatabase Version: 0.25-fixes
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Since I upgraded to 0.25 I have a strange Problem with the Display of EPG data and subsequently the recording function. With fixes/0.24 it did work and I did only upgrade Mythtv and set the LANG to de_CH.utf-8 as Mythfrontend complained.

In my country we have special, non English, characters like ä ö ü. The problem I face now is, that all data grabbed by Mythfilldatabase does not display correctly in Mythtv's EPG. Instead of the character ü a ü is displayed but only for data fetched with mythfilldatabase, the EPG of channels with EIT data from my DVB-S sources is showing ä ö ü etc. correctly in the EPG listings on Mythfrontend. This leads to all my recoding rules witch records programs with special characters in the Title on channels witch are populated by mythfilldatabase to not be recorded.

I run Mythfrontend Version: fixes/0.25 (v0.25-9-gefada3f)

For Example:

The TV Grabber, when redirecting output to file displays the following: Züri News when Mythfilldatabase uses the same grabber and inserts them into the mythconverg database it becomes Züri News in the mysql Database and also in the EPG display in Mythtv or in hex 5A C3 83 C2 BC 72 69 20 4E 65 77 73


Programs grabbed by the EIT interface (for DVB channels) are displayed correctly in the mysql Database and in Mythtv and the Recording works. Programs grabbed through Mythfilldatabase are NOT displayed correctly in mysql Database and in Mythtv and the old rules do not work any more.

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by stuartm

Which grabber are you using? I suspect they are not setting the correct charset in the xml output. All of those characters are inserted correctly here in the UK with tv_grab_uk_rt (yes, we get plenty of foreign films/content in our schedules).

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by dekarl@…

"Züri News" sounds like Switzerland which makes tv_grab_ch_search likely which seems to have encoding issues since April 11th (see )

Testing tv_grab_ch_search

file contains unexpected control characters
look here "urde. Bei den Ãœberresten hande"
Errors found in t_ch_search_1_2.xml
tv_grab_ch_search did not validate ok. See t_ch_search_commands.log for a list of the commands that were used
tv_grab_ch_search has errors: badiso8859

The bug should be forwarded upstream to the xmltv tracker next.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by marcel.meier@…

Thank you for the quick response.

I'll report it on the xmltv site. Sorry to have waisted your time it was only strange that with 0.24/fixes it did work so I belived that the problem was here and not with the graber.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by betlit@…

hi all

Daniel here (writer and maintainer of the tv_grab_ch_search - grabber) thanks for informing us about this Bug.

I just comitted the fix for this issue to the xmltv cvs repository. besides this i fixed another bug related to DST.

Have fun


comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by stuartm

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