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ThemeUpdateChecker accesses Videos storage group

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Priority: minor Milestone: unknown
Component: MythTV - General Version: 0.27-fixes
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Kind of expecting Wontfix on this as it's fairly minor, but it's causing a lot of trouble for me!

To reproduce

  • use fixes/0.27 with Mythbuntu theme, theme update checker turned on, and a Videos storage group defined


  • No access to videos storage group


  • Videos storage group is accessed (I believe that when the file isn't found, MythTV falls back to checking every storage group)

Why this is important

I store my videos on a remote machine which is woken up on file access using autofs - when I use a Videos storage group then it gets woken up every hour by ThemeUpdateChecker?. Adding the videos directory directly to the frontend avoids the problem (though doesn't behave as well when using multiple directories)

I wonder what other situations would also expose this behaviour of scanning inappropriate directories - is this a general problem with storage groups?


2016-03-06 02:06:39.093266 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/
2016-03-06 02:06:39.093418 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 54
2016-03-06 02:06:39.096212 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 184
2016-03-06 02:06:39.096413 I  ThemeUpdateChecker Loading
2016-03-06 02:06:39.096478 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/0.27.4/Mythbuntu/themeinfo.xml
2016-03-06 02:06:39.096583 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 74
2016-03-06 02:06:39.141926 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 1       0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.142067 I  ThemeUpdateChecker Loading
2016-03-06 02:06:39.142138 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/0.27.3/Mythbuntu/themeinfo.xml
2016-03-06 02:06:39.142274 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 74
2016-03-06 02:06:39.144938 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 1       0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.150876 I  ThemeUpdateChecker Loading
2016-03-06 02:06:39.150941 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/0.27.2/Mythbuntu/themeinfo.xml
2016-03-06 02:06:39.151058 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 74
2016-03-06 02:06:39.153438 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 1       0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.153545 I  ThemeUpdateChecker Loading
2016-03-06 02:06:39.153605 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/0.27.1/Mythbuntu/themeinfo.xml
2016-03-06 02:06:39.153705 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 74
2016-03-06 02:06:39.155967 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 1       0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.156072 I  ThemeUpdateChecker Loading
2016-03-06 02:06:39.156133 I  RemoteFile::Exists(): looking for remote
file: myth://Temp@tol-htpc/remotethemes/0.27/Mythbuntu/themeinfo.xml
2016-03-06 02:06:39.156312 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): write -> 61 72
2016-03-06 02:06:39.157263 I  MythSocket(958ec58:61): read  <- 61 200
2016-03-06 02:06:39.158085 I  MythSocket(9769de0:-1): MythSocket(-1, 0x0) ctor
2016-03-06 02:06:39.158397 I  MythSocket(9769de0:-1): IP is local,
using loopback address instead
2016-03-06 02:06:39.158423 I  MythSocket(9769de0:-1): attempting
connect() to (::1:6543)
2016-03-06 02:06:39.158823 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): Connected to (::1:6543)
2016-03-06 02:06:39.159035 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): write -> 57 30
2016-03-06 02:06:39.160563 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): read  <- 57 13
2016-03-06 02:06:39.160674 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): write -> 57 23
   ANN Playback tol-htpc 0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.160946 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): read  <- 57 2       OK
2016-03-06 02:06:39.161035 I  MythSocket(9818110:-1): MythSocket(-1, 0x0) ctor
2016-03-06 02:06:39.161264 I  MythSocket(9818110:-1): IP is local,
using loopback address instead
2016-03-06 02:06:39.161283 I  MythSocket(9818110:-1): attempting
connect() to (::1:6543)
2016-03-06 02:06:39.161587 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): Connected to (::1:6543)
2016-03-06 02:06:39.161788 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): write -> 60 30
2016-03-06 02:06:39.162060 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): read  <- 60 13
2016-03-06 02:06:39.162172 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): write -> 60 87
   ANN FileTransfer tol-htpc 0 0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.164168 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): read  <- 60 19
2016-03-06 02:06:39.164309 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): write -> 57 39
2016-03-06 02:06:39.164651 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): read  <- 57 10
2016-03-06 02:06:39.164739 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): write -> 57 49
2016-03-06 02:06:39.165437 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): read  <- 57 4       1257
2016-03-06 02:06:39.165508 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): write -> 57 31
2016-03-06 02:06:39.165946 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): read  <- 57 2       OK
2016-03-06 02:06:39.165980 I  (0x9818118)::DecrRef() -> 0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.165997 I  MythSocket(9818110:60): MythSocket dtor : cb 0x0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.166309 I  (0x9769de8)::DecrRef() -> 0
2016-03-06 02:06:39.166325 I  MythSocket(9769de0:57): MythSocket dtor : cb 0x0

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mythfrontend version.txt (1.8 KB) - added by thigger@… 5 years ago.
mythfrontend and backend versions
20160315 manglestorage.patch (1.6 KB) - added by thigger@… 5 years ago.
Patch I'm running with at present (may not be recommended!)

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Change History (9)

comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by stuartm

I agree that this behaviour is unwanted, even obnoxious. We shouldn't be searching storage groups of a different type.

Changed 5 years ago by thigger@…

Attachment: mythfrontend version.txt added

mythfrontend and backend versions

comment:2 Changed 5 years ago by thigger@…

Is this what's responsible? (from mythtv/libs/libmythbase/storagegroup.cpp)

I'm not sure I understand the logic (genuinely, I don't really get storage groups yet) - elsewhere in the code it talks about the 'Default' storage group but here it seems to go for Videos if it can't find what it needs?

    if (s_groupToUseCache.contains(groupKey))
        tmpGroup = s_groupToUseCache[groupKey];
        if (StorageGroup::FindDirs(sgroup, host))
            s_groupToUseCache[groupKey] = sgroup;
            LOG(VB_FILE, LOG_DEBUG,
                    QString("GetGroupToUse(): "
                            "falling back to Videos Storage Group for host %1 "
                            "since it does not have a %2 Storage Group.")

            tmpGroup = "Videos";
            s_groupToUseCache[groupKey] = tmpGroup;

    return tmpGroup;

comment:3 Changed 5 years ago by thigger@…

I've edited my storagegroup.cpp in two places:


  • set group to "Default" if function called with a blank group, so not all groups are searched


  • fall back to "Default" rather than "Videos"

It's been long enough since I played with the MythTV source that I have no idea what the side-effects of these changes will be; so I can't recommend these changes unless someone who knows what they're talking about has had a look. All I can say is that my system seems to be working fine and the Videos group is only being accessed when it should be.

Changed 5 years ago by thigger@…

Patch I'm running with at present (may not be recommended!)

comment:4 Changed 5 years ago by sphery

This needs to be changed at a very specific level, rather than through a global change. Much of the code in MythTV is dependent upon the very fallback structure that was coded into the Storage Groups.

Therefore, if you want to "fix" this--i.e. to make an exception to the designed-in SG fallback--then it needs to be done through the addition of a new method(s) to search only the specified group without fallback, or at the least, a new parameter that disables the fallback. Specifically (since this allowFallback functionality already exists in StorageGroup?), you'd need to add code to RemoteFile::Exists() to allow searching for the file without fallback--i.e. creating the StorageGroup? with allowFallback set to false at:

(which means adding parameters to all the methods preceding that call as well as coming up with some mechanism by which to specify no fallback via the MythTV RemoteFile? URL).

There's no concept, at this point, of Storage Group types, so we shouldn't even assume that we should only search SGs of some type or purpose in any situation. The closest thing we have to SG types is the built-in SGs, which are generally used to define locations for specific data, but there is no guarantee (or requirement) that those group directories contain only that specific data--the user could put any MythTV files in any of those group directories--and, in truth, we've never previously required that the user put that data only in the specified group directories. Therefore, we need task-specific (and specifically requested) overrides of the fallback functionality rather than global changes to the coded SG behavior or assumptions that the coded SG behavior should be ignored.

comment:5 Changed 5 years ago by thigger@…

Happy to submit something but I'm confused - there seems to be two types of 'fallback'

  • explicit fallback by setting allowFallback 'true'
  • implicit fallback by setting the group name to

As far as I can see I've messed with the second only (by making equivalent to 'Default') - is that something that's used a lot?

Fundamentally I guess there isn't much point fixing this so long as it's considered that Storage Groups don't have 'types' (personally I'd have thought that they should, and looks like stuartm was under that impression too)

comment:6 Changed 5 years ago by sphery

allowFallback defaults to true

Therefore, unless disabling fallback is explicitly requested, MythTV will always fall back to searching through all SGs.

So, since ThemeUpdateChecker::checkForUpdate() uses RemoteFile::Exists():

which creates a StorageGroup? without specifying allowFallback:

and RemoteFile::Exists() sends a QUERY_FILE_EXISTS, which is handled by MainServer::HandleQueryFileExists?() which creates a StorageGroup? without specifying allowFallback:

the ThemeUpdateChecker? (and, actually, any use of RemoteFile?) will always use allowFallback = true.

Modifying RemoteFile? to allow MythTV URLs that specify allowFallback (or even the quick and dirty approach of creating a new method for RemoteFile? that doesn't do fallback--though this would still require modifying the QUERY_FILE_EXISTS backend protocol command to permit specifying allowFallback since adding a new backend protocol command would be extremely dirty) would allow code that doesn't desire fallback to do a quick check of only the specified SG's directories.

comment:7 Changed 9 months ago by Stuart Auchterlonie

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