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Bugs in mythui settings — at Version 6

Reported by: Peter Bennett Owned by: Peter Bennett
Priority: minor Milestone: 29.0
Component: MythTV - User Interface Library Version:
Severity: medium Keywords:
Cc: John, Pilkington, <J.Pilk@…> Ticket locked: no

Description (last modified by Peter Bennett)

New MythUI settings has a few bugs. Those marked ### are serious in that they prevent essential functionality (show stoppers). I hope to fix at least all the show stoppers for version 29. If anybody sees other bugs please log them here. (F) indicates items for which I have a fix ready for commit.


  • Master backend Host name can be updated. Should be by check box only. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • ### Cannot delete capture card, after confrming delete it is still there. (Fixed 420a1ea) Also does not have menu, only D option. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • After adding capture card name the list is not refreshed.
  • Capture cards prompt for save even if not changed.
  • Cannot create recording profile group. It allows you to key a name but never saves it. (Old system is the same). Change to disallow adding or deleting of recording profile groups. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • ### Cannot delete recording profile. It does not respond to D, or to M for menu (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • After deleting recording profile the list is not refreshed. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • After adding new video source name, the list is not refreshed.
  • Video source delete works from menu. D does nothing. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • ### Create new storage group does not prompt for the group name and creates it with a garbage name. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • Storage Directory Delete works from D, no menu.


  • Initial frontend with no backend running and no config.xml invokes old DB setup page.
  • New startup screen invokes old DB setup page.
  • playback group list not refreshed after update (Already Fixed)
  • playback group changing name creates a new entry. (Already Fixed)
  • ### Cannot delete playback group. It does not respond to D, no menu (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • Channel group: when adding a new one does not show in the list. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • Channel group does not save channels unlss you first add channel group, exit and go back in. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • Channel group deletion is weird. (Fixed 420a1ea)
  • New playback group not saved unless you change something in it (Fixed 420a1ea)


  • Some pages prompt to save before exit even if there is no change. Others do not prompt and save anyway. Consistency needed. (Fixed 6869ba6), except for cases specifically noted above.
  • Delete is inconsistent. Sometimes it uses Menu Delete and sometimes it uses Delete button. (Fixed 420a1ea), except for cases specifically noted above.


  • When adding a new entry, eg storage group, it should preferably go in and edit that entry immediately instead of just leaving you in the list.
  • Escape handling is not intuitive, I think it should go back 1 level not exit completely.
  • Maybe there should be a Finish button that will finish and save so as to avoid always prompting for "do you want to save" on exit.

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In 420a1ea81b512c6c37e71b7d0a168b832c1a9fc9/mythtv:

Fixes for MythUI settings

  • New Edit / Delete menu that supports all settings.
  • Remove obsolete unused channelgroupsettings.cpp and channelgroupsettings.h
  • Remove non-working unneeded Add / Delete from Recording Profile Groups.
  • Remove now superfluous class VideoSourceDialog?
  • Fixed many MythUI Setup bugs.

Refs #13046

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comment:5 Changed 4 years ago by Peter Bennett <pbennett@…>

In 6869ba6beca5c8cadf01249453260a272f6e9020/mythtv:

Fix incorrect save prompt in General Setup

Refs #13046

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