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#13517 new Bug Report - General

Reducing memory usage by mythfilldatabase to 1/6 of original usage

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Mythfilldatabase uses QDomDocument to parse and store the XML data that is read; according to QDomDocument documentation this object is not meant to handle large XML files; QXmlStreamReader should be used in these situations.

This pull request replaces QDomDocument by QXmlStreamreader; loading a 222 MB XML file used 2,5GB on memory, after these changes it only uses 420MB, and speeds up the loading process by approx. 15% .

Pull request made on github:

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Testing can be done very easily:

mysqldump mythconver -u root >backup.sql
mythfilldatabase <your parameters> <your xml file>
mysqldump --skip-comments --skip-extended-insert mythconverg -u root >current.sql

//restore backup
mysql mythconverg -u root <backup.sql
<path-to-newly-compiled>mythfilldatabase <your parameters> <your xml file>
mysqldump --skip-comments --skip-extended-insert mythconverg -u root >new.sql

diff -Naur current.sql new.sql >output.diff

If you look at output.diff you should only see a few differences in timestamps and some changes in non-relevant tables...

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