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No Videotext Display (Switzerland and Germany)

Reported by: oli.henning@… Owned by: danielk
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The Videotext-Function is completly unavailable.

When pressing 'T' in Live-TV Mode the following is displayed for some seconds in the top-left corner: "Text ein" (german). But nothing more. I expected to see the 'Page 100' (Index-Page) of the currently selected channel (e.g. sat1, RTL, ARD, ZDF).

I tested this with a classic Bt878-based Hauppauge WinTV-card and also with a modern Hauppauge PVR-350. Both cards work fine with MythTV (recording, shifting, channel switching etc.). But the Videotext does not work in both cases. A cross-check with aletv and nxtvepg shows a perfect-working Videotext-Receiving with bttv. But MythTV shows nothing.

After reading a lot of Forums an Threads i had this 'idea': Is 'Videotext' a feature which is unknown in the US? There seems to be a function called 'Closed Caption', but as i understood this is only a Text-Display for disabled people (People who can't hear... I don't know the english word). But in Germany, Switzerland and other European Countries 'Videotext' is much more.

To clearify this: i'm in Switzerland. When we say 'Videotext', then we mean the whole Text-Infos from Page 100 (which is the Index), Page 200 ff. (Sports), Page 300ff (Programm-Info/Guide?) up to Page 899. We choos a specifig Page via the TV-Remote and wait for the Page to be displayed on TV-Screen. Each page has 40x25 Chars (or 40x24? i don't know exactly).

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To get a particular teletext page you need to type the number then press T, and smart channel changing must be disabled. I believe this only works with a bttv card, but Frank Muenchow in Germany is working to make analog teletext work with pvr-x50 and DVB cards in ticket #368.

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I also have an Bt878-based Hauppauge WinTV-card and Teletext as described above doesnt work. I spoke with Oli Henning who opend this Ticket in the first place and he told me, that Teletex doesnt work for him too on his Bt878-Card.

Typing an number and then pressing T results in an " -CC: ? ". Typing T and then the numer results in an " TXT ein " .

I'm working with revison 8053.

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comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by Carlos Fernández Manteiga <churly@…>

AFAIK it is not supported by MythTV. Here in Spain we also call TXT to the Teletext or Videotext. I think it only displays the page 888 (at least all Spanish channels transmit closed captions in that page).


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comment:6 Changed 15 years ago by danielk

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Q: What is you VBI Format setting? It must be "pal teletext" (not "none" or "ntsc") for teletext. Q: Are you sure your /video/v4l/vbiX device in the card config corresponds to the vbi device for your /video/v4l/videoY device?

My guess is that your VBI Format is set incorrectly. These are both backend settings, so you need to run 'mythtv-setup' to check these.

BTW The correct initial display after inputing a page number is "TXT on" or its translation in German. The page number is not displayed.

comment:7 Changed 15 years ago by danielk

(In [8178]) References #488. Show the selected teletext page when enabling a page.

comment:8 Changed 15 years ago by Webmaaschter@…

Sorry for the Timeout... my System was broken.

Q:What is you VBI Format setting?

A:Pal Teletext

Q:Are you sure your /video/v4l/vbiX device in the card config corresponds to the vbi device for your /video/v4l/videoY device?

A:I think so.
Video: /dev/video0
Vbi: /dev/vbi0
Teletext works with: "alevt -vbi /dev/vbi0" while using mythtv to switch the channels.

With Rev. 8235 :
Typing an number and then pressing T keeps resulting in an " -CC: ? ".
Typing T (-CC:? appears) and then an Number like X now results in an " TXT X0000 ".

BTW I'm using SuSE 10.0.

comment:9 Changed 15 years ago by danielk

(In [8266]) References #488.

Fixes a off by 1<<16 error in teletext page entry.

comment:10 Changed 15 years ago by danielk

Resolution: invalid
Status: newclosed

So after some testing by Webmaaschter, it appears that the NuppelVideoRecorder? only records subtitle teletext pages. This could be fixed but it would really require someone in a teletext country to fix this. The callback function is vbi_event() in NuppelVideoRecorder?.cpp. It masks out non-subtitle pages; but disabling this mask is not sufficient. Anyone wishing to work on this should also look at #368.

Since it turns out this is feature request after all, I'm marking this as 'invalid'. Anyone wishing to implement this let me know, I may have some advice on how to go about it; then reopen this ticket as a patch or enhancement ticket once you have a patch.

comment:11 Changed 13 years ago by hmgbl@…

I still have this problem with videotext not working. I have Ubuntu 8.04 and Mythtv 0.21. I have a Cynergy 200 TV card.

comment:12 Changed 13 years ago by oli.henning@…

I was the original poster of this Bug. My Hardware is:

Hauppauge PVR-350 with TV-IN and Video-Out (MPEG Encoder AND Decoder) TV connected to Video-Out of PVR-350 X-Window-Driver configured to use Video-Overlay of PVR-350 (für Menus, Pictures etc.) MythTV configured to use PVR-350 MPEG Decoder (so it uses the Video-Out of this Card) Nothing connected to my 'normal' On-Board-VGA-Graphics.Card (15-Pin-VGA-Connector)

With this configuration i can have no Videotext (neighter on Live-TV nor on Recorded Shows)

But: When i disable the 'use PVR-350 MPEG Decoder' feature, then the MPEG-Decoding is done by the CPU and the decoded video is rendered via the X-Window-Driver (=Video-Overlay). With this configuration I HAVE VIDEOTEXT, both in LiveTV and recorded shows!

This makes sense, as the MPEG nor streams through the MythTV-Software, which can decode 'in a magig way0 (megic für me) the Videotext-Date and 'render' the Characters over the decoded Video-Frames.

More differences between 'use PVR-350 MPEG Decoder' and 'not to use it' are:

  • With Software-Decoder i can use 'increase playback speed'. With Hardware-Decoder this isn't working
  • With Software-Decoder i can use Zooming
  • With Software-Dcoder i can use the Aspect-Ration-Switching

perhaps there are more differences, but this should be enought to make clear what happens 'behind the scenes'

Greetings from Switzerland
Oliver Henning

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