Task update MythMusic to MythUI

This is a summary of some of the ideas to incorporate into MythMusic when it's updated to MythUI

  • Combine both the player and playlist editing screens into one screen (or make it seem as though everything is on one screen)
  • DJ mode allowing tracks to be easily appended to the current playlist (probably the only mode?)
  • Allow for several different ways to browser for tracks (eg. better ways to filter the tracks to find what we want, album art viewer, smart playlists, searches etc)
  • better sorting - current playlist should show the sorted order.
  • should be able to manually reorder tracks in the current playlist, delete tracks, create a saved playlist etc.
  • import of playlists (ie. m3u)
  • Allow for additional information to be displayed for the currently playing track (eg lyrics, artist info, other albums/tracks from the same artist etc.).
  • Remove libvisual support (it's buggy and no longer supported).
  • Add ProjectM as a native myth visualizer.
  • Possibly add the best of the libvisual visualizers as native myth ones?
  • Bookmark per song? (Audiobooks?)
  • Look at using the videoplayback widget for the visualizers renderer (would allow themeable OSD information popups etc and music videos to be shown etc)
  • Allow music to be stored on one host (master backend?) and to be streamed to the frontends.
  • Global and/or Local Playlists?
  • Update the player to allow it to start on mythfrontend startup or from the mini-player without having to go to MythMusic first.
  • Allow MythMusic to play from sources other than ripped tracks and cds (internet radio streams etc)
  • Look at possibly allowing seamless playback and fading one track into another.
  • Look at synchronized playback across several FE's
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