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HeProgFinder Class Reference

#include <progfind.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HeProgFinder (MythScreenStack *parentStack, bool gg=false, TV *player=nullptr, bool embedVideo=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ProgFinder
 ProgFinder (MythScreenStack *parentStack, bool allowEPG=true, TV *player=nullptr, bool embedVideo=false)
virtual ~ProgFinder ()
bool Create (void) override
bool keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event) override
 Key event handler. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythScreenType
 MythScreenType (MythScreenStack *parent, const QString &name, bool fullscreen=true)
virtual ~MythScreenType ()
bool gestureEvent (MythGestureEvent *) override
 Mouse click/movement handler, receives mouse gesture events from the QCoreApplication event loop. More...
void doInit (void)
void LoadInForeground (void)
bool IsInitialized (void) const
 Has Init() been called on this screen? More...
bool IsFullscreen (void) const
void SetFullscreen (bool full)
MythUITypeGetFocusWidget (void) const
bool SetFocusWidget (MythUIType *widget=nullptr)
virtual bool NextPrevWidgetFocus (bool up_or_down)
void BuildFocusList (void)
MythScreenStackGetScreenStack () const
virtual void aboutToHide (void)
virtual void aboutToShow (void)
bool IsDeleting (void) const
void SetDeleting (bool deleting)
bool IsLoading (void)
bool IsLoaded (void)
MythPainterGetPainter (void) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUIComposite
 MythUIComposite (QObject *parent, const QString &name)
virtual ~MythUIComposite ()=default
virtual void SetTextFromMap (const InfoMap &infoMap)
virtual void ResetMap (const InfoMap &infoMap)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythUIType
 MythUIType (QObject *parent, const QString &name)
virtual void Reset (void)
 Reset the widget to it's original state, should not reset changes made by the theme. More...
void AddChild (MythUIType *child)
 Add a child UIType. More...
MythUITypeGetChild (const QString &name) const
 Get a named child of this UIType. More...
MythUITypeGetChildAt (const QPoint &p, bool recursive=true, bool focusable=true) const
 Return the first MythUIType at the given coordinates. More...
QList< MythUIType * > * GetAllChildren (void)
 Return a list of all child widgets. More...
void DeleteChild (const QString &name)
 Delete a named child of this UIType. More...
void DeleteChild (MythUIType *child)
 Delete the given UIType if it is a child of this UIType. More...
void DeleteAllChildren (void)
 Delete all child widgets. More...
bool NeedsRedraw (void) const
void ResetNeedsRedraw (void)
void SetRedraw (void)
void SetChildNeedsRedraw (MythUIType *child)
bool CanTakeFocus (void) const
 Return if this widget can accept input focus. More...
void SetCanTakeFocus (bool set=true)
 Set whether this widget can take focus. More...
void SetFocusOrder (int)
bool IsEnabled (void) const
void SetEnabled (bool enable)
bool MoveToTop (void)
bool MoveChildToTop (MythUIType *child)
void ActivateAnimations (MythUIAnimation::Trigger trigger)
QList< MythUIAnimation * > * GetAnimations (void)
virtual void Pulse (void)
 Pulse is called 70 times a second to trigger a single frame of an animation. More...
void Draw (MythPainter *p, int xoffset, int yoffset, int alphaMod=255, QRect clipRect=QRect())
void SetPosition (int x, int y)
 Convenience method, calls SetPosition(const MythPoint&) Override that instead to change functionality. More...
virtual void SetPosition (const MythPoint &point)
virtual MythPoint GetPosition (void) const
virtual void SetSize (const QSize &size)
virtual void SetMinSize (const MythPoint &size)
 Set the minimum size of this widget, for widgets which can be rescaled. More...
virtual QSize GetMinSize (void) const
virtual void SetArea (const MythRect &rect)
virtual void AdjustMinArea (int delta_x, int delta_y, int delta_w, int delta_h)
 Adjust the size of a sibling. More...
virtual void VanishSibling (void)
virtual void SetMinAreaParent (MythRect actual_area, MythRect allowed_area, MythUIType *child)
 Adjust the size of sibling objects within the button. More...
virtual void SetMinArea (const MythRect &rect)
 Set the minimum area based on the given size. More...
virtual MythRect GetArea (void) const
 If the object has a minimum area defined, return it, other wise return the default area. More...
virtual MythRect GetFullArea (void) const
virtual void RecalculateArea (bool recurse=true)
void ExpandArea (const MythRect &rect)
virtual QRegion GetDirtyArea (void) const
bool IsVisible (bool recurse=false) const
virtual void SetVisible (bool visible)
void MoveTo (QPoint destXY, QPoint speedXY)
void AdjustAlpha (int mode, int alphachange, int minalpha=0, int maxalpha=255)
void SetAlpha (int newalpha)
int GetAlpha (void) const
virtual void mediaEvent (MythMediaEvent *event)
 Media/Device status event handler, received from MythMediaMonitor. More...
MythFontPropertiesGetFont (const QString &text) const
bool AddFont (const QString &text, MythFontProperties *fontProp)
void SetHelpText (const QString &text)
QString GetHelpText (void) const
void SetXMLLocation (const QString &filename, int where)
QString GetXMLLocation (void) const
void SetXMLName (const QString &name)
QString GetXMLName (void) const
bool IsDeferredLoading (bool recurse=false) const
void SetDeferLoad (bool defer)
virtual void LoadNow (void)
 Cause images in this and child widgets to be loaded. More...
bool ContainsPoint (const QPoint &point) const
 Check if the given point falls within this widgets area. More...
void SetPainter (MythPainter *painter)
void SetCentre (UIEffects::Centre centre)
void SetZoom (float zoom)
void SetHorizontalZoom (float zoom)
void SetVerticalZoom (float zoom)
void SetAngle (float angle)
void SetDependIsDefault (bool isDefault)
void SetReverseDependence (MythUIType *dependee, bool reverse)
void SetDependsMap (QMap< QString, QString > dependsMap)
QMap< QString, QString > GetDependsMap () const

Protected Member Functions

void initAlphabetList () override
bool formatSelectedData (QString &data) override
bool formatSelectedData (QString &data, int charNum) override
void restoreSelectedData (QString &data) override
void whereClauseGetSearchData (QString &where, MSqlBindings &bindings) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ProgFinder
void Init (void) override
 Used after calling Load() to assign data to widgets and other UI initilisation which is prohibited in Load() More...
ProgramInfoGetCurrentProgram (void) const override
void ShowMenu (void) override
void getShowNames (void)
void updateShowList ()
void updateTimesList ()
void selectShowData (QString, int)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScheduleCommon
 ScheduleCommon (MythScreenStack *parent, const QString &name)
 ~ScheduleCommon ()=default
void ShowUpcoming (const QString &title, const QString &seriesid) const
 Show the upcoming recordings for this title. More...
void EditScheduled (ProgramInfo *pginfo)
 Creates a dialog for editing the recording schedule. More...
void EditScheduled (RecordingInfo *recinfo)
 Creates a dialog for editing the recording schedule. More...
void MakeOverride (RecordingInfo *recinfo)
 Creates a dialog for editing an override recording schedule. More...
void customEvent (QEvent *) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythScreenType
 MythScreenType (MythUIType *parent, const QString &name, bool fullscreen=true)
void CopyFrom (MythUIType *base) override
 Copy this widgets state from another. More...
void CreateCopy (MythUIType *parent) override
 Copy the state of this widget to the one given, it must be of the same type. More...
bool ParseElement (const QString &filename, QDomElement &element, bool showWarnings) override
 Parse the xml definition of this widget setting the state of the object accordingly. More...
virtual void Load (void)
 Load data which will ultimately be displayed on-screen or used to determine what appears on-screen (See Warning) More...
void LoadInBackground (QString message="")
void ReloadInBackground (void)
void OpenBusyPopup (const QString &message="")
void CloseBusyPopup (void)
void SetBusyPopupMessage (const QString &message)
void ResetBusyPopup (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythUIType
virtual ~MythUIType ()
void customEvent (QEvent *event) override
virtual void DrawSelf (MythPainter *p, int xoffset, int yoffset, int alphaMod, QRect clipRect)
void AddFocusableChildrenToList (QMap< int, MythUIType * > &focusList)
void HandleAlphaPulse ()
 Handle one frame of an alpha (transparency) change animation. More...
void HandleMovementPulse ()
 Handle one frame of a movement animation. More...
int CalcAlpha (int alphamod)
int NormX (const int width)
int NormY (const int height)
void ConnectDependants (bool recurse=false)
virtual void Finalize (void)
 Perform any post-xml parsing initialisation tasks. More...

Private Attributes

int m_numberOfSearchChars

Static Private Attributes

static const QChar s_searchChars []

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from ScheduleCommon
virtual void ShowDetails (void) const
 Show the Program Details screen. More...
- Public Slots inherited from MythScreenType
virtual void Close ()
- Public Slots inherited from MythUIType
void LoseFocus ()
bool TakeFocus ()
void Activate ()
void Hide (void)
void Show (void)
void Refresh (void)
void UpdateDependState (bool isDefault)
void UpdateDependState (MythUIType *dependee, bool isDefault)
- Signals inherited from MythScreenType
void Exiting ()
- Signals inherited from MythUIType
void RequestUpdate ()
void RequestUpdate (const QRect &)
void RequestRegionUpdate (const QRect &)
void TakingFocus ()
void LosingFocus ()
void Showing ()
void Hiding ()
void Enabling ()
void Disabling ()
void FinishedMoving ()
void FinishedFading ()
void DependChanged (bool isDefault)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XMLParseBase
static QString getFirstText (QDomElement &element)
static bool parseBool (const QString &text)
static bool parseBool (QDomElement &element)
static MythPoint parsePoint (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static MythPoint parsePoint (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static QSize parseSize (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static QSize parseSize (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static MythRect parseRect (const QString &text, bool normalize=true)
static MythRect parseRect (QDomElement &element, bool normalize=true)
static int parseAlignment (const QString &text)
static int parseAlignment (QDomElement &element)
static QBrush parseGradient (const QDomElement &element)
static QString parseText (QDomElement &element)
static MythUITypeGetGlobalObjectStore (void)
static void ClearGlobalObjectStore (void)
static void ParseChildren (const QString &filename, QDomElement &element, MythUIType *parent, bool showWarnings)
static MythUITypeParseUIType (const QString &filename, QDomElement &element, const QString &type, MythUIType *parent, MythScreenType *screen, bool showWarnings, QMap< QString, QString > &parentDependsMap)
static bool WindowExists (const QString &xmlfile, const QString &windowname)
static bool LoadWindowFromXML (const QString &xmlfile, const QString &windowname, MythUIType *parent)
static bool LoadBaseTheme (void)
static bool LoadBaseTheme (const QString &baseTheme)
static bool CopyWindowFromBase (const QString &windowname, MythScreenType *win)
- Protected Types inherited from ProgFinder
typedef QMap< QString, QString > ShowName
- Protected Slots inherited from ScheduleCommon
virtual void EditRecording (bool may_watch_now=false)
 Creates a dialog for editing the recording status, blocking until user leaves dialog. More...
virtual void QuickRecord (void)
 Create a kSingleRecord or bring up recording dialog. More...
virtual void ShowPrevious (void) const
 Show the previous recordings for this recording rule. More...
virtual void ShowPrevious (uint ruleid, const QString &title) const
 Show the previous recordings for this recording rule. More...
virtual void ShowUpcoming (void) const
 Show the upcoming recordings for this title. More...
virtual void ShowUpcomingScheduled (void) const
 Show the upcoming recordings for this recording rule. More...
virtual void ShowChannelSearch (void) const
 Show the channel search. More...
virtual void ShowGuide (void) const
 Show the program guide. More...
virtual void EditScheduled (void)
 Creates a dialog for editing the recording schedule. More...
virtual void EditCustom (void)
 Creates a dialog for creating a custom recording rule. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ProgFinder
ShowName m_showNames
QString m_searchStr
QString m_currentLetter
TVm_player {nullptr}
bool m_embedVideo {false}
bool m_allowEPG {true}
bool m_allowKeypress {true}
ProgramList m_showData
ProgramList m_schedList
InfoMap m_infoMap
MythUIButtonListm_alphabetList {nullptr}
MythUIButtonListm_showList {nullptr}
MythUIButtonListm_timesList {nullptr}
MythUITextm_searchText {nullptr}
MythUITextm_help1Text {nullptr}
MythUITextm_help2Text {nullptr}
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythScreenType
bool m_FullScreen {false}
bool m_IsDeleting {false}
QSemaphore m_LoadLock {1}
volatile bool m_IsLoading {false}
volatile bool m_IsLoaded {false}
bool m_IsInitialized {false}
MythUITypem_CurrentFocusWidget {nullptr}
QMap< int, MythUIType * > m_FocusWidgetList
MythScreenStackm_ScreenStack {nullptr}
MythUIBusyDialogm_BusyPopup {nullptr}
QRegion m_SavedMask
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythUIType
QList< MythUIType * > m_ChildrenList
QMap< QString, QString > m_dependsMap
QList< QPair< MythUIType *, bool > > m_dependsValue
QList< int > m_dependOperator
bool m_Visible {true}
bool m_HasFocus {false}
bool m_CanHaveFocus {false}
bool m_Enabled {true}
bool m_EnableInitiator {false}
bool m_Initiator {false}
bool m_Vanish {false}
bool m_Vanished {false}
bool m_IsDependDefault {false}
QMap< MythUIType *, boolm_ReverseDepend
int m_focusOrder {0}
MythRect m_Area {0,0,0,0}
MythRect m_MinArea {0,0,0,0}
MythPoint m_MinSize
QRegion m_DirtyRegion {0,0,0,0}
bool m_NeedsRedraw {false}
UIEffects m_Effects
int m_AlphaChangeMode {0}
int m_AlphaChange {0}
int m_AlphaMin {0}
int m_AlphaMax {255}
bool m_Moving {false}
QPoint m_XYDestination {0,0}
QPoint m_XYSpeed {0,0}
FontMapm_Fonts {nullptr}
MythUITypem_Parent {nullptr}
MythPainterm_Painter {nullptr}
QList< MythUIAnimation * > m_animations
QString m_helptext
QString m_xmlName
QString m_xmlLocation
bool m_deferload {false}
QColor m_BorderColor {Qt::black}

Detailed Description

Definition at line 110 of file progfind.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HeProgFinder()

HeProgFinder::HeProgFinder ( MythScreenStack parentStack,
bool  gg = false,
TV player = nullptr,
bool  embedVideo = false 

Definition at line 832 of file progfind.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ initAlphabetList()

void HeProgFinder::initAlphabetList ( void  )

Reimplemented from ProgFinder.

Definition at line 841 of file progfind.cpp.

◆ formatSelectedData() [1/2]

bool HeProgFinder::formatSelectedData ( QString &  data)

Reimplemented from ProgFinder.

Definition at line 891 of file progfind.cpp.

◆ formatSelectedData() [2/2]

bool HeProgFinder::formatSelectedData ( QString &  data,
int  charNum 

Reimplemented from ProgFinder.

Definition at line 897 of file progfind.cpp.

◆ restoreSelectedData()

void HeProgFinder::restoreSelectedData ( QString &  data)

Reimplemented from ProgFinder.

Definition at line 904 of file progfind.cpp.

◆ whereClauseGetSearchData()

void HeProgFinder::whereClauseGetSearchData ( QString &  where,
MSqlBindings bindings 

Reimplemented from ProgFinder.

Definition at line 851 of file progfind.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ s_searchChars

const QChar HeProgFinder::s_searchChars
Initial value:
QChar(0x5d0), QChar(0x5d1), QChar(0x5d2), QChar(0x5d3),
QChar(0x5d4), QChar(0x5d5), QChar(0x5d6), QChar(0x5d7),
QChar(0x5d8), QChar(0x5d9), QChar(0x5db), QChar(0x5dc),
QChar(0x5de), QChar(0x5e0), QChar(0x5e1), QChar(0x5e2),
QChar(0x5e4), QChar(0x5e6), QChar(0x5e7), QChar(0x5e8),
QChar(0x5e9), QChar(0x5ea), QChar('E'), QChar('#'),

Definition at line 124 of file progfind.h.

Referenced by HeProgFinder(), initAlphabetList(), and whereClauseGetSearchData().

◆ m_numberOfSearchChars

int HeProgFinder::m_numberOfSearchChars

Definition at line 125 of file progfind.h.

Referenced by HeProgFinder(), and initAlphabetList().

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