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frequencies.h File Reference
#include "mythtvexp.h"
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struct  CHANLIST


#define NTSC_AUDIO_CARRIER   4500
#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_I   6000
#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_MN   4500
#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_D   6500
#define SEACAM_AUDIO_DKK1L   6500
#define SEACAM_AUDIO_BG   5500
#define NICAM728_PAL_BGH   5850
#define NICAM728_PAL_I   6552
#define CHAN_COUNT(x)   (sizeof(x)/sizeof(struct CHANLIST))


typedef struct CHANLIST _chanlist
typedef struct CHANLISTS _chanlists


MTV_PUBLIC struct CHANLISTS chanlists []

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#define NTSC_AUDIO_CARRIER   4500

Definition at line 13 of file frequencies.h.


#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_I   6000

Definition at line 14 of file frequencies.h.



Definition at line 15 of file frequencies.h.


#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_MN   4500

Definition at line 16 of file frequencies.h.


#define PAL_AUDIO_CARRIER_D   6500

Definition at line 17 of file frequencies.h.


#define SEACAM_AUDIO_DKK1L   6500

Definition at line 18 of file frequencies.h.


#define SEACAM_AUDIO_BG   5500

Definition at line 19 of file frequencies.h.


#define NICAM728_PAL_BGH   5850

Definition at line 29 of file frequencies.h.


#define NICAM728_PAL_I   6552

Definition at line 30 of file frequencies.h.


#define CHAN_COUNT (   x)    (sizeof(x)/sizeof(struct CHANLIST))

Definition at line 107 of file frequencies.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ _chanlist

typedef struct CHANLIST _chanlist

◆ _chanlists

typedef struct CHANLISTS _chanlists

Variable Documentation

◆ chanlists

MTV_PUBLIC struct CHANLISTS chanlists[]