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mythsystemevent.h File Reference
#include <QEvent>
#include <QObject>
#include "libmythbase/programinfo.h"
#include "libmyth/rawsettingseditor.h"
#include "recordinginfo.h"
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class  MythSystemEventHandler
 Handles incoming MythSystemEvent messages. More...
class  MythSystemEventEditor
 An editor for MythSystemEvent handler commands. More...


MTV_PUBLIC void SendMythSystemRecEvent (const QString &msg, const RecordingInfo *pginfo)
MTV_PUBLIC void SendMythSystemPlayEvent (const QString &msg, const ProgramInfo *pginfo)

Function Documentation

◆ SendMythSystemRecEvent()

MTV_PUBLIC void SendMythSystemRecEvent ( const QString &  msg,
const RecordingInfo pginfo 

◆ SendMythSystemPlayEvent()

MTV_PUBLIC void SendMythSystemPlayEvent ( const QString &  msg,
const ProgramInfo pginfo