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MythVideo file parser TV shows as DVD disks

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Component: MythTV - Video Library Version: 0.25.2
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I have a US season 1 of Bones TV show on DVD. It is an 8 disk set which I have converted to ISOs. Since there are multiple episodes per disk I want to store them like so: /video_dir/bones_2005/season_1/bones_s01_d01.iso

However because I use d01 (for disk 01) instead of e01 (for episode) the MythVideo? file parser does not recognize the title and does not download the metadata.

Could the script be modified to handle d01?

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by Raymond Wagner

Component: MythTV - MythfilldatabaseMythTV - Video Library
Resolution: Feature request without patch
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The video library does not currently support metadata for multi-episode disc images.

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by ccolumbu@…

I was not suggesting adding full metadata for multi-episode disc images support. What I want is series information and cover art.

If you added the following I would be happy, I don't know about others: When a title is named with [title]_s01_d01 pull the data as if it were [title]_s01_e01, then throw away episode data and only use the series data. So it would get series title, series year, and the cover art for season 1 (or any other season based on s##), and the title would just be: <title> Disk 1

For s01_d02 it would be: <title> Disk 2 But it would have the same year and cover art (again no episode information).

So you could support some data, without having to solve the multi-episode disc image problem (which I think I understand, the DB probably is not set-up for a many to one relationship)

Any chance you would reconsider my request now that I have clarified?

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by Raymond Wagner

There are plans for 0.27 to overhaul the database tables used to store media content, part of which includes abstracting the video metadata from the specific files. This would allow for such a many-to-one relationship between video entries and files, and proper support for the kind of behavior you are looking for.

comment:4 Changed 8 years ago by ccolumbu@…

I figured out a half measure anyway. I put the file structure like so: /<title>/season_<#>/disk1.iso /<title>/season_<#>/disk2.iso . . .

For Bones: /bones/season_1/disk1.iso then I touch a file: touch /bones/bones_s01_e01.iso

The empty file tricks the metadata update to pull the cover art and year.

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