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mythtv-setup can not set second tuner

Reported by: ghbittwister Owned by: Silicondust
Priority: minor Milestone: 30.1
Component: MythTV - HDHomeRun Version: v30-fixes
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comment:1 Changed 20 months ago by gigem

Milestone: needs_triage30.1
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MythTV no longer supports using specific, HDHomeRun tuners. Instead, tuners are pooled and used as needed. This is to better interoperate with other applications that use HDHomeRuns.

In the future, please provide all relevant information here in the MythTV bug tracking system. Reports that simply link elsewhere will likely be closed as incomplete.

comment:2 Changed 20 months ago by ghbittwister

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I am sorry for the link. Will copy contents in future.

I entered/selected on dual tuner. Started a recording, clicked live tv and received no tuner available.

In previous releases I would add tuner-0 and tuner-1 to have access to both tuners in same ip address.

comment:3 Changed 20 months ago by gigem

Resolution: Invalid
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As I said, you no longer configure specific tuners. Each input should be configured to use the same HDHomeRun by device ID. If you get a no tuner available error when entering live TV, first, check Information Center / System Status / Input Status. If that shows free tuners, check in mythtv-setup to see if live TV is allowed on those tuners.

comment:4 Changed 18 months ago by arreyder

Should this also be true for the case where there are multiple hdhomerun devices? Upon upgrading from 29 to 30, and attempting to do as you describe above I'm limited to one total tuner when I should have 4 available. It gives me the option to check boxes for both hdhomeruns to be associated with the single instance for capture. When I do this, only a single tuner is available. If I only check a single box, and then repeat for the second hdhomerun adding another capture device, and checking the remaining one, I get 2 tuners available to record. Still missing 2. In the past I would have defined 4 capture cards. I searched the wiki for a more detailed explanation regarding how to properly configure hdhomeruns now, but was unable to find any help. Thanks!

comment:5 Changed 18 months ago by Klaas de Waal

With my 4-channel HDHR3-DVBC device the procedure in mythtv-setup is:

  • Select "Capture cards"
  • Select "(New capture card)" ; this generates an entry "New capture card" at the bottom of the list
  • Select the ¨New capture card" entry at the bottom of the list
  • Select "HDHomeRun networked tuner"
  • Tick box "Use HDHomeRun 1410F45C (hdhomerun3_dvbc"
  • Press Escape
  • In popup box, select "Save then Exit¨

This has now created one capturecard entry for one tuner on the hdhomerun on

Now comes the key point.
You have to perform the above sequence for each of the HDHomeRun tuners that you want to use in MythTV. To use four tuners, you have to do this four times.

comment:6 Changed 18 months ago by arreyder

That did it, thanks for the step by step!

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