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#9875 closed Bug Report - General (Won't Fix)

Multiple setting definitions in mythconverg.settings

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Component: MythTV - General Version: Unspecified
Severity: low Keywords: database, settings
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I've noticed some settings are getting duplicated in the settings table. While most have the same setting, some do not. (SecurityPin?, TruncateDeletesSlowly?) I noticed this when auto-enabling a user job (since I can't find the option in the normal configuration menu - am I blind?)

*cough* This is what happens when tables don't have a primary key... :)

SELECT Count(*) As Number, value,GROUP_CONCAT(data)
FROM settings
GROUP BY value,hostname
HAVING Number > 1


Number 	value 			GROUP_CONCAT(data)
2 	BackendServerIP,
2 	BackendServerPort 	6543,6543
2 	BackendStatusPort 	6544,6544
2 	DisableFirewireReset 	0,0
2 	JobAllowCommFlag 	1,1
2 	JobAllowTranscode 	1,1
2 	JobAllowUserJob1 	1,1
2 	JobAllowUserJob2 	0,0
2 	JobAllowUserJob3 	0,0
2 	JobAllowUserJob4 	0,0
2 	JobQueueCheckFrequency 	60,60
2 	JobQueueCPU 		1,1
2 	JobQueueMaxSimultaneousJobs 	2,2
2 	JobQueueWindowEnd 	23:59,23:59
2 	JobQueueWindowStart 	00:00,00:00
2 	MiscStatusScript 	,
2 	MythFillFixProgramIDsHasRunOnce 	1,1
2 	SecurityPin 		0000,
2 	TruncateDeletesSlowly 	1,0

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sorry Version is: 0.24 fixes.

comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by robertm

Resolution: Won't Fix
Status: newclosed

While it's a fact that you *can* have duplicate values in the settings table, the reality is that under normal use cases, this won't generally actually occur. This problem is generally limited to extreme scenarios or instances where the user takes it upon themselves to manipulate the database manually.

This is not to say that we couldn't be doing more to prevent insertion of duplicate values, but there are a number of reasons we have to leave it the way it is, and unless a bug submitter can point to a particular scenario that the average user will encounter that can create duplicate values, this bug will sit open and untouched for literally years. As we already have hundreds of bugs that have sat open for years, I'm opting to close this one now rather than wait until 2014 to do it.

If you can find a repeatable test case where you can get the *UI* to insert multiple duplicate values in the DB, then we can handle those on an individual basis. This ticket is just too broad and too unlikely to ever be changed to allow to sit open.

All the user job settings are in mythtv-setup, including the one you manipulated manually (case in point).

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by fraser@…

Sure understand.

FYI the item I modified 'AutoRunUserJob1' is not in the list The duplication was noticed prior to making any changes

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