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MythPlayerVideoUI Class Reference

#include <mythplayervideoui.h>

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Public Slots

void ProcessCallbacks ()
void SupportedAttributesChanged (PictureAttributeSupported Supported)
void PictureAttributeChanged (PictureAttribute Attribute, int Value)
void PictureAttributesUpdated (const std::map< PictureAttribute, int > &Values)
- Public Slots inherited from MythPlayerAudioUI
void RefreshAudioState ()
- Public Slots inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
void BrowsingChanged (bool Browsing)
void EditingChanged (bool Editing)


void RefreshVideoState ()
void VideoColourStateChanged (const MythVideoColourState &ColourState)
- Signals inherited from MythPlayerCaptionsUI
void CaptionsStateChanged (MythCaptionsState &CaptionsState)
void ResizeForInteractiveTV (const QRect &Rect)
void SetInteractiveStream (const QString &Stream)
void SetInteractiveStreamPos (std::chrono::milliseconds Position)
void PlayInteractiveStream (bool Play)
void EnableSubtitles (bool Enable)
- Signals inherited from MythPlayerAudioUI
void AudioStateChanged (MythAudioState State)
- Signals inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
void OverlayStateChanged (MythOverlayState OverlayState)
- Signals inherited from MythPlayer
void CheckCallbacks ()
void SeekingSlow (int Count)
void SeekingComplete ()
void SeekingDone ()
void PauseChanged (bool Paused)
void RequestResetCaptions ()
void SignalTracksChanged (uint Type)

Public Member Functions

 MythPlayerVideoUI (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, TV *Tv, PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags)
 ~MythPlayerVideoUI () override=default
const MythInteropGPU::InteropMapGetInteropTypes () const
 Return a list of interop types supported by the current render device. More...
void HandleDecoderCallback (const QString &Debug, DecoderCallback::Callback Function, void *Opaque1, void *Opaque2)
 Convenience function to request and wait for a callback into the main thread. More...
void CheckAspectRatio (MythVideoFrame *Frame)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerCaptionsUI
 MythPlayerCaptionsUI (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, TV *Tv, PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags)
 ~MythPlayerCaptionsUI () override
QStringList GetTracks (uint Type)
uint GetTrackCount (uint Type)
int GetTrack (uint Type)
bool SetAudioByComponentTag (int Tag)
 Selects the audio stream using the DVB component tag. More...
bool SetVideoByComponentTag (int Tag)
 Selects the video stream using the DVB component tag. More...
std::chrono::milliseconds GetStreamPos ()
std::chrono::milliseconds GetStreamMaxPos ()
InteractiveTVGetInteractiveTV () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerAudioUI
 MythPlayerAudioUI (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, TV *Tv, PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags)
const AudioOutputGraphGetAudioGraph () const
void SetupAudioGraph (double VideoFrameRate)
void ClearAudioGraph ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
 MythPlayerOverlayUI (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, TV *Tv, PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags)
 ~MythPlayerOverlayUI () override=default
virtual void UpdateSliderInfo (osdInfo &Info, bool PaddedFields=false)
void LockOSD ()
void UnlockOSD ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerUIBase
 MythPlayerUIBase (MythMainWindow *MainWindow, TV *Tv, PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags)
MythRenderGetRender () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MythPlayer
 MythPlayer (PlayerContext *Context, PlayerFlags Flags=kNoFlags)
 ~MythPlayer () override
virtual int OpenFile (int Retries=4)
virtual void ReinitVideo (bool ForceUpdate)
virtual void InitFrameInterval ()
void SetLength (std::chrono::seconds len)
void SetFramesPlayed (uint64_t played)
void SetEof (EofState eof)
void SetWatchingRecording (bool mode)
void SetKeyframeDistance (int keyframedistance)
virtual void SetVideoParams (int w, int h, double fps, float aspect, bool ForceUpdate, int ReferenceFrames, FrameScanType=kScan_Ignore, const QString &codecName=QString())
void SetFileLength (std::chrono::seconds total, int frames)
void SetDuration (std::chrono::seconds duration)
void SetFrameRate (double fps)
QSize GetVideoBufferSize (void) const
QSize GetVideoSize (void) const
float GetVideoAspect (void) const
float GetFrameRate (void) const
bool IsAudioNeeded (void)
int GetFreeVideoFrames (void) const
 Returns the number of frames available for decoding onto. More...
int GetFFRewSkip (void) const
float GetPlaySpeed (void) const
AudioPlayerGetAudio (void)
float GetNextPlaySpeed (void) const
std::chrono::seconds GetLength (void) const
uint64_t GetTotalFrameCount (void) const
uint64_t GetCurrentFrameCount (void) const
uint64_t GetFramesPlayed (void) const
virtual uint64_t GetBookmark (void)
QString GetError (void) const
QString GetEncodingType (void) const
QString GetXDS (const QString &key) const
bool IsPaused (void) const
bool GetRawAudioState (void) const
bool GetLimitKeyRepeat (void) const
EofState GetEof (void) const
bool IsErrored (void) const
bool IsPlaying (std::chrono::milliseconds wait_in_msec=0ms, bool wait_for=true) const
bool AtNormalSpeed (void) const
bool IsReallyNearEnd (void) const
 Returns true iff really near end of recording. More...
bool IsNearEnd (void)
 Returns true iff near end of recording. More...
bool HasTVChainNext (void) const
bool IsWatchingInprogress (void) const
MythVideoOutputGetVideoOutput (void)
virtual bool SwitchTitle (int)
virtual bool NextTitle (void)
virtual bool PrevTitle (void)
virtual bool SwitchAngle (int)
virtual bool NextAngle (void)
virtual bool PrevAngle (void)
MythVideoFrameGetNextVideoFrame (void)
 Removes a frame from the available queue for decoding onto. More...
void DeLimboFrame (MythVideoFrame *frame)
virtual void ReleaseNextVideoFrame (MythVideoFrame *buffer, std::chrono::milliseconds timecode, bool wrap=true)
 Places frame on the queue of frames ready for display. More...
void DiscardVideoFrame (MythVideoFrame *buffer)
 Places frame in the available frames queue. More...
void DiscardVideoFrames (bool KeyFrame, bool Flushed)
 Places frames in the available frames queue. More...
DecoderBaseGetDecoder (void)
 Returns the stream decoder currently in use. More...
virtual bool HasReachedEof (void) const
void SetDisablePassThrough (bool disabled)
void ForceSetupAudioStream (void)
virtual bool PrepareAudioSample (std::chrono::milliseconds &timecode)
virtual CC708ReaderGetCC708Reader (uint=0)
virtual CC608ReaderGetCC608Reader (uint=0)
virtual SubtitleReaderGetSubReader (uint=0)
virtual TeletextReaderGetTeletextReader (uint=0)
void EnableForcedSubtitles (bool enable)
bool ForcedSubtitlesFavored (void) const
bool GetAllowForcedSubtitles (void) const
void CheckTVChain ()
void FileChangedCallback ()
virtual int GetNumChapters (void)
virtual int GetCurrentChapter (void)
virtual void GetChapterTimes (QList< std::chrono::seconds > &times)
virtual int GetNumTitles (void) const
virtual int GetCurrentTitle (void) const
virtual std::chrono::seconds GetTitleDuration (int) const
virtual QString GetTitleName (int) const
virtual int GetNumAngles (void) const
virtual int GetCurrentAngle (void) const
virtual QString GetAngleName (int) const
virtual bool IsInStillFrame () const
bool PosMapFromEnc (uint64_t start, frm_pos_map_t &posMap, frm_pos_map_t &durMap)
void SaveTotalDuration (void)
void ResetTotalDuration (void)
void SaveTotalFrames (void)
void SetErrored (const QString &reason)

Protected Slots

void ReinitOSD ()
void ToggleAdjustFill (AdjustFillMode Mode=kAdjustFill_Toggle)
- Protected Slots inherited from MythPlayerCaptionsUI
void InitialiseState () override
void TracksChanged (uint TrackType)
 This tries to re-enable captions/subtitles if the user wants them and one of the captions/subtitles tracks has changed. More...
void SetAllowForcedSubtitles (bool Allow)
void ToggleCaptions ()
void ToggleCaptionsByType (uint Type)
void SetCaptionsEnabled (bool Enable, bool UpdateOSD=true)
virtual void DisableCaptions (uint Mode, bool UpdateOSD=true)
virtual void EnableCaptions (uint Mode, bool UpdateOSD=true)
virtual void SetTrack (uint Type, uint TrackNo)
void ChangeCaptionTrack (int Direction)
void ChangeTrack (uint Type, int Direction)
void ResetCaptions ()
void EnableTeletext (int Page=0x100)
void ResetTeletext ()
void SetTeletextPage (uint Page)
 Set Teletext NUV Caption page. More...
void HandleTeletextAction (const QString &Action, bool &Handled)
void ITVHandleAction (const QString &Action, bool &Handled)
 Submit Action to the interactiveTV object. More...
void ITVRestart (uint Chanid, uint Cardid, bool IsLiveTV)
 Restart the MHEG/MHP engine. More...
void AdjustSubtitleZoom (int Delta)
void AdjustSubtitleDelay (std::chrono::milliseconds Delta)
- Protected Slots inherited from MythPlayerAudioUI
void InitialiseState () override
 Initialise audio and signal initial state. More...
void ChangeMuteState (bool CycleChannels)
void ChangeVolume (bool Direction, int Volume)
void ResetAudio ()
void ReinitAudio ()
void EnableUpmix (bool Enable, bool Toggle=false)
void PauseAudioUntilBuffered ()
void AdjustAudioTimecodeOffset (std::chrono::milliseconds Delta, std::chrono::milliseconds Value)
- Protected Slots inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
void UpdateOSDMessage (const QString &Message)
void UpdateOSDMessage (const QString &Message, OSDTimeout Timeout)
void SetOSDStatus (const QString &Title, OSDTimeout Timeout)
void UpdateOSDStatus (osdInfo &Info, int Type, enum OSDTimeout Timeout)
void UpdateOSDStatus (const QString &Title, const QString &Desc, const QString &Value, int Type, const QString &Units, int Position, OSDTimeout Timeout)
void ChangeOSDPositionUpdates (bool Enable)
void UpdateOSDPosition ()
 Update the OSD status/position window. More...
- Protected Slots inherited from MythPlayerUIBase
virtual void InitialiseState ()

Protected Member Functions

bool InitVideo () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerCaptionsUI
double SafeFPS ()
void DoDisableForcedSubtitles ()
void DoEnableForcedSubtitles ()
void LoadExternalSubtitles ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
virtual std::chrono::milliseconds GetMillisecondsPlayed (bool HonorCutList)
virtual std::chrono::milliseconds GetTotalMilliseconds (bool HonorCutList) const
std::chrono::seconds GetSecondsPlayed (bool HonorCutList)
std::chrono::seconds GetTotalSeconds (bool HonorCutList) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MythPlayer
void OpenDummy (void)
virtual long long CalcMaxFFTime (long long ff, bool setjump=true) const
 CalcMaxFFTime(ffframes): forward ffframes forward. More...
long long CalcRWTime (long long rw) const
 CalcRWTime(rw): rewind rw frames back. More...
std::chrono::milliseconds TranslatePositionFrameToMs (uint64_t position, bool use_cutlist) const
uint64_t TranslatePositionMsToFrame (std::chrono::milliseconds position, bool use_cutlist) const
uint64_t TranslatePositionAbsToRel (uint64_t position) const
uint64_t TranslatePositionRelToAbs (uint64_t position) const
float ComputeSecs (uint64_t position, bool use_cutlist) const
uint64_t FindFrame (float offset, bool use_cutlist) const
void SetAutoCommercialSkip (CommSkipMode autoskip)
void SkipCommercials (int direction)
void SetCommBreakMap (const frm_dir_map_t &NewMap)
CommSkipMode GetAutoCommercialSkip (void)
virtual void ResetPlaying (bool resetframes=true)
virtual void StopPlaying (void)
bool PauseDecoder (void)
void UnpauseDecoder (void)
bool Pause (void)
bool Play (float speed=1.0, bool normal=true, bool unpauseaudio=true)
virtual bool FastForward (float seconds)
virtual bool Rewind (float seconds)
virtual bool JumpToFrame (uint64_t frame)
void JumpChapter (int chapter)
virtual bool PrebufferEnoughFrames (int min_buffers=0)
void SetBuffering (bool new_buffering)
virtual void VideoEnd (void)
virtual void DecoderStart (bool start_paused)
virtual void DecoderLoop (bool pause)
virtual void DecoderEnd (void)
virtual void DecoderPauseCheck (void)
virtual void AudioEnd (void)
bool GetEditMode (void) const
bool IsInDelete (uint64_t frame)
bool FlagIsSet (PlayerFlags arg)
void SetPlayingInfo (const ProgramInfo &pginfo)
void SetPlaying (bool is_playing)
void ResetErrored (void)
void PauseVideo (void)
void UnpauseVideo (void)
void PauseBuffer (void)
void UnpauseBuffer (void)
virtual void CreateDecoder (TestBufferVec &TestBuffer)
void SetDecoder (DecoderBase *dec)
 Sets the stream decoder, deleting any existing recorder. More...
const DecoderBaseGetDecoder (void) const
 Returns the stream decoder currently in use. More...
virtual void DoFFRewSkip (void)
bool DecoderGetFrame (DecodeType decodetype, bool unsafe=false)
bool DoGetFrame (DecodeType DecodeType)
 Get one frame from the decoder. More...
bool UpdateFFRewSkip (float ffrewScale=1.0F)
virtual void ChangeSpeed (void)
bool DoFastForward (uint64_t frames, double inaccuracy)
bool DoRewind (uint64_t frames, double inaccuracy)
void DoJumpToFrame (uint64_t frame, double inaccuracy)
void WaitForSeek (uint64_t frame, uint64_t seeksnap_wanted)
void ClearAfterSeek (bool clearvideobuffers=true)
 This is to support seeking... More...
virtual bool DoJumpChapter (int chapter)
virtual int64_t GetChapter (int chapter)
void WrapTimecode (std::chrono::milliseconds &timecode, TCTypes tc_type)
void SetFrameInterval (FrameScanType scan, double frame_period)

Protected Attributes

DetectLetterbox m_detectLetterBox { }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythPlayerCaptionsUI
MythCaptionsOverlay m_captionsOverlay
MythCaptionsState m_captionsState { }
bool m_textDesired { false }
uint m_lastTextDisplayMode { kDisplayNone }
uint m_lastValidTextDisplayMode { kDisplayNone }
InteractiveTVm_interactiveTV { nullptr }
QMutex m_itvLock { }
bool m_itvEnabled { false }
bool m_itvVisible { false }
QString m_newStream { }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythPlayerOverlayUI
OSD m_osd
QRecursiveMutex m_osdLock
bool m_browsing { false }
bool m_editing { false }
bool m_reinitOsd { false }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythPlayerUIBase
MythMainWindowm_mainWindow { nullptr }
TVm_tv { nullptr }
MythRenderm_render { nullptr }
MythPainterm_painter { nullptr }
MythDisplaym_display { nullptr }
- Protected Attributes inherited from MythPlayer
DecoderBasem_decoder {nullptr}
QRecursiveMutex m_decoderChangeLock
MythVideoOutputm_videoOutput {nullptr}
const VideoFrameTypesm_renderFormats { &MythVideoFrame::kDefaultRenderFormats }
PlayerContextm_playerCtx {nullptr}
MythDecoderThreadm_decoderThread {nullptr}
QThread * m_playerThread {nullptr}
PlayerFlags m_playerFlags
QWaitCondition m_decoderThreadPause
QWaitCondition m_decoderThreadUnpause
QMutex m_decoderPauseLock
QMutex m_decoderSeekLock
QMutex m_bufferPauseLock
QMutex m_videoPauseLock
QMutex m_pauseLock
int64_t m_decoderSeek {-1}
bool m_totalDecoderPause {false}
bool m_decoderPaused {false}
bool m_inJumpToProgramPause {false}
bool m_pauseDecoder {false}
bool m_unpauseDecoder {false}
bool volatile m_killDecoder {false}
bool m_decodeOneFrame {false}
bool m_renderOneFrame {false}
bool m_needNewPauseFrame {false}
bool m_bufferPaused {false}
bool m_videoPaused {false}
bool m_allPaused {false}
bool m_playing {false}
QWaitCondition m_playingWaitCond
QMutex m_vidExitLock
QMutex m_playingLock
QMutex m_errorLock
QString m_errorMsg
 Reason why NVP exited with a error. More...
int m_errorType {kError_None}
bool m_liveTV {false}
bool m_watchingRecording {false}
bool m_transcoding {false}
bool m_hasFullPositionMap {false}
bool m_limitKeyRepeat {false}
int m_jumpChapter {0}
uint64_t m_bookmarkSeek {0}
int m_endExitPrompt
long long m_ffTime {0}
 If m_ffTime>0, number of frames to seek forward. More...
int m_videobufRetries {0}
 How often we have tried to wait for a video output buffer and failed. More...
uint64_t m_framesPlayed {0}
uint64_t m_totalFrames {0}
std::chrono::seconds m_totalLength {0s}
std::chrono::seconds m_totalDuration {0s}
long long m_rewindTime {0}
std::chrono::milliseconds m_latestVideoTimecode {-1ms}
MythPlayerAVSync m_avSync
double m_videoFrameRate {29.97}
 Video (input) Frame Rate (often inaccurate) More...
QString m_codecName
 Codec Name - used by playback profile. More...
QSize m_videoDispDim {0,0}
 Video (input) width & height. More...
QSize m_videoDim {0,0}
 Video (input) buffer width & height. More...
int m_maxReferenceFrames {0}
 Number of reference frames used in the video stream. More...
float m_videoAspect {4.0F / 3.0F}
 Video (input) Apect Ratio. More...
float m_forcedVideoAspect {-1}
uint m_keyframeDist {30}
 Video (input) Number of frames between key frames (often inaccurate) More...
bool m_buffering {false}
QTime m_bufferingStart
QTime m_bufferingLastMsg
uint m_vbiMode {VBIMode::None}
 VBI decoder to use. More...
int m_ttPageNum {0x888}
 VBI page to display when in PAL vbimode. More...
SubtitleReader m_subReader
TeletextReader m_ttxReader
bool m_captionsEnabledbyDefault {false}
 This allows us to enable captions/subtitles later if the streams are not immediately available when the video starts playing. More...
bool m_enableForcedSubtitles {false}
bool m_disableForcedSubtitles {false}
bool m_allowForcedSubtitles {true}
CC608Reader m_cc608
CC708Reader m_cc708
AudioPlayer m_audio
CommBreakMap m_commBreakMap
bool m_forcePositionMapSync {false}
DeleteMap m_deleteMap
QRecursiveMutex m_decoderLock
 Lock for next_play_speed and next_normal_speed. More...
float m_nextPlaySpeed {1.0F}
float m_playSpeed {1.0F}
std::chrono::microseconds m_frameInterval {microsecondsFromFloat(1000000.0F / 30)}
 always adjusted for play_speed More...
int m_fpsMultiplier {1}
 used to detect changes More...
int m_ffrewSkip {1}
bool m_ffrewUseRenderOne {false}
int m_ffrewAdjust {0}
 offset after last skip More...
float m_ffrewScale {1.0F}
 scale skip for large gops More...
bool m_fileChanged {false}
bool m_nextNormalSpeed {true}
bool m_normalSpeed {true}
tctype_arr m_tcWrap {}
std::chrono::milliseconds m_savedAudioTimecodeOffset {0ms}
bool m_isDummy {false}
int m_bufferingCounter {0}

Private Attributes

QMutex m_decoderCallbackLock
QVector< DecoderCallbackm_decoderCallbacks
MythVideoColourState m_colourState
MythInteropGPU::InteropMap m_interopTypes

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from MythPlayer
static const int kNightModeBrightenssAdjustment = 10
static const int kNightModeContrastAdjustment = 10
static const double kInaccuracyNone = 0
static const double kInaccuracyDefault = 0.1
static const double kInaccuracyEditor = 0.5
static const double kInaccuracyFull = -1.0
static const double kSeekToEndOffset = 1.0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file mythplayervideoui.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MythPlayerVideoUI()

MythPlayerVideoUI::MythPlayerVideoUI ( MythMainWindow MainWindow,
TV Tv,
PlayerContext Context,
PlayerFlags  Flags 

Definition at line 11 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

◆ ~MythPlayerVideoUI()

MythPlayerVideoUI::~MythPlayerVideoUI ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ RefreshVideoState

void MythPlayerVideoUI::RefreshVideoState ( )

Referenced by InitVideo().

◆ VideoColourStateChanged

void MythPlayerVideoUI::VideoColourStateChanged ( const MythVideoColourState ColourState)

◆ GetInteropTypes()

const MythInteropGPU::InteropMap & MythPlayerVideoUI::GetInteropTypes ( ) const

Return a list of interop types supported by the current render device.

This will be called from multiple threads but the types are set once when playback starts and are not changed.

Definition at line 26 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

◆ HandleDecoderCallback()

void MythPlayerVideoUI::HandleDecoderCallback ( const QString &  Debug,
DecoderCallback::Callback  Function,
void *  Opaque1,
void *  Opaque2 

Convenience function to request and wait for a callback into the main thread.

This is used by hardware decoders to ensure certain resources are created and destroyed in the UI (render) thread.

Definition at line 135 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by MythCodecContext::DestroyInterop(), MythCodecContext::InitialiseDecoder(), and MythCodecContext::InitialiseDecoder2().

◆ CheckAspectRatio()

void MythPlayerVideoUI::CheckAspectRatio ( MythVideoFrame Frame)

Definition at line 223 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by MythPlayerUI::DisplayNormalFrame().

◆ ProcessCallbacks

void MythPlayerVideoUI::ProcessCallbacks ( )

◆ SupportedAttributesChanged

void MythPlayerVideoUI::SupportedAttributesChanged ( PictureAttributeSupported  Supported)

Definition at line 105 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by InitVideo().

◆ PictureAttributeChanged

void MythPlayerVideoUI::PictureAttributeChanged ( PictureAttribute  Attribute,
int  Value 

Definition at line 114 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by InitVideo().

◆ PictureAttributesUpdated

void MythPlayerVideoUI::PictureAttributesUpdated ( const std::map< PictureAttribute, int > &  Values)

Definition at line 124 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by InitVideo().

◆ ReinitOSD

void MythPlayerVideoUI::ReinitOSD ( )

◆ ToggleAdjustFill

void MythPlayerVideoUI::ToggleAdjustFill ( AdjustFillMode  Mode = kAdjustFill_Toggle)

Definition at line 170 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by InitVideo().

◆ InitVideo()

bool MythPlayerVideoUI::InitVideo ( )

Reimplemented from MythPlayer.

Definition at line 31 of file mythplayervideoui.cpp.

Referenced by MythPlayerUI::StartPlaying().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_detectLetterBox

DetectLetterbox MythPlayerVideoUI::m_detectLetterBox { }

◆ m_decoderCallbackLock

QMutex MythPlayerVideoUI::m_decoderCallbackLock

Definition at line 69 of file mythplayervideoui.h.

Referenced by HandleDecoderCallback(), and ProcessCallbacks().

◆ m_decoderCallbacks

QVector<DecoderCallback> MythPlayerVideoUI::m_decoderCallbacks

Definition at line 70 of file mythplayervideoui.h.

Referenced by HandleDecoderCallback(), and ProcessCallbacks().

◆ m_colourState

MythVideoColourState MythPlayerVideoUI::m_colourState

◆ m_interopTypes

MythInteropGPU::InteropMap MythPlayerVideoUI::m_interopTypes

Definition at line 72 of file mythplayervideoui.h.

Referenced by GetInteropTypes(), and MythPlayerVideoUI().

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